Choosing an SEO company

Continuing with the subject of how much does SEO cost, there are numerous other analogies to which one could make reference to. The cost of SEO is all in relation to your needs and to your expectations. Take for example buying a car. How much does a car cost? Simple question, yet impossible to answer without going into things in slight more detail such as; are you looking for a family saloon, a sports car, a people carrier, a 4 x 4, etc. What is the main purpose you need this vehicle for, once you have established some of the basics you can then start going into the financial aspect of cost. Just like so many things in life, there are excellent SEO companies as well as mediocre and chancers who will gladly take whatever they can from you and do some work from their back room.

SEO in itself is an art; it is a team of people with many different skills which come together and improve your rankings or as a good analogy, opens the floodgates and flood your website with clients. They say that 90% of an iceberg is hidden below water; the same can be said about SEO, most of it is behind the scenes but operating in harmony to drive new business and new clients to your site.

It is always a good idea to try and work with a local SEO company so for example if you are a company based in Surrey, then you would be best of searching for SEO companies in Surrey for example or wherever you may be. This will help in a number of ways as well as cutting costs in any onsite visits as well as being better for geographical targeting as they will be better acquainted with your locality.

SEO on a Budget

How much SEO will a limited budget get me?

Limited budget, depending of course on how limited, will achieve limited results, as I wrote yesterday, it is not about writing out a blank cheque, it is about being aware that for best results, SEO is not a one off process and it involves a team of people including article and content writers, more of that at a later stage.

As mentioned in my previous article, SEO done properly, in relation to income is the most cost effective way of generating new business, creating awareness as well as customer retention up to a certain extent.

There is a wide range of companies to choose from out there, ranging from highly professional, to OK to mediocre ones. Just take a moment to reflect and think about the different prices you are being quoted and look into in greater depth as to why some are cheaper than others, cheap is not necessarily good, it may be that they may cost half the price of a more expensive company but quite likely to take you twice as long if not longer to achieve the same results and profit, so, in the short, medium and long term; which one was better value for money?

We can do a free analysis of your SEO, simply fill in your website details and your url, soon after you will receive a report which will give you a good idea of where your site is with regards to SEO, at the same time, it will give us some indication of what needs to be done in order to achieve best results within your budget.

SEO Costings

The million Dollar question! How much does SEO cost? I have written previously about how much lack of or badly done SEO will cost your business, over the coming days, I will try to dispel some myths surrounding SEO done on the cheap as well as to why it is a much harder question to answer than what people would first imagine. The best way to try to answer this is by using a couple of analogies such as:

How much does a meal out cost? – The answer is, as little or as much as you feel comfortable with, going out for a slice of pizza and a can of fizzy pop will not cost the same as a sit down meal in a pub or anywhere near as much as a Michelin rated restaurant.  Even within those categories, it depends on what you have to eat, yes, we can set off with a budget in mind and with a target which we would like to achieve, however, it is essential to be aware of the on-going process and how many people are involved throughout the entire process.

SEO involves a team of people, it is not just one boffin sitting in a dark smoke-filled room carrying out various alterations to your site and voilà, as if by magic, 24 hours later your site is number one on all search engines and obliterated all your competitors in ranking. SEO takes time and is an on-going process, just like times change, search engines change and if your site fails to keep up with the changes, it will gradually slide down the rankings page.

There are no fixed rates to which you can work to, it would be a lot easier if there were, however, yes, you can give your SEO company a budget to which they can work to, however, beware that this will take you only part of the way, at the same time, please don’t get me wrong, SEO is not about writing a blank check and leaving the company to fill in the blank spaces; there is a happy medium of course, in a nutshell, within SEO there is no fixed price set in stone with guaranteed results, results will vary on the amount you spend whilst at the same time, if your budget is limited, remember that some SEO is far better than no SEO at all.

How much does SEO cost

SEO, Investment or Expense?

The most common misconception, SEO is a cost, NO IT ISN’T – Correctly done, SEO is no more of a cost than opening a shop and making sure you have a door that opens so the public can come in and browse at your products and buy! It is no more of a cost than investing in having a till. Statistics prove that the lower your site is down a search engine’s page, the less likely it is people will find you, so much so, that there are enormous percentage differences in hits even on the first page of Google, if your site is not in the top three then your chances of receiving a visitor diminish drastically line by line. Can you afford to miss out on that potential buyer?

Your best friend

SEO will make your website work harder for you, at the end of the day that is what it is designed to do and what you want it to do. Your website is the perfect employee, however, just like any employee; it does need some TLC which comes in the form of SEO. Take a moment to think about this, your website doesn’t take time off for holidays, works 24/7 and serves the entire world, is capable of answering questions from thousands of people at the same time, it’s your top performing sales-person, a caring customer services department, a secretary and a lead generator, all at once!

SEO as an Intrinsically Interlinked Method for generating Business

SEO is crucial for attracting new and potential clients as well as for brand and/or product awareness to new and existing prospects, its powerful effect can also transform prospects into buyers.

Under the SEO umbrella there are numerous branches which could be considered more along the lines of SEM. These have been the buzz word for a number of years now, yes, Social Media. Social media such as Facebook, My Space, Twitter and Pinterest will certainly aid your SEO efforts in brand and product awareness as a number of these methods are intrinsically linked to each other.

The Impact of SEO

In terms of comparison, SEO is the most cost effective online way of generating new business. SEO will increase your number of sales; however, your marketing cost increase will be lower in relation to the increase in profit.

Be visible be profitable

Congratulations, you have paid good money for your brand new shiny website, it looks great, your products are on display, it is modern, just as you requested your designers to build it. You even have a great online store so people can spend lots of money through your site so that when you wake up in the morning, your site has been busy selling your product to clients from all over the world, all you have to do is make sure the client receives their order; Great!! After a few days, nothing, a week later, still nothing, now you start to worry and wonder what is going on. Why aren’t people visiting my super website; more importantly nobody is spending any money!! Is your website SEO friendly? Have you carried out any SEO for your site? A website without any SEO can be likened to having a car for sale, you made sure it is beautifully polished, the interior made to look as new, you then had a professionally designed and catchy FOR SALE sign, with a price tag much lower than the current market value, after all this, you took it to a secure parking under lock and key in a garage where nobody will see it or hear about it.

What is SEO – Starting with the most important question is perhaps the most sensible way of start. SEO is all about carrying out alterations on your website to make sure that Search Engines prioritise your site over that of your competitors, simple as that. SEO is an on-going process, as Search Engines “tweak” their systems such as Google’s Panda and Penguin updates in recent times, your website should be kept fresh and up to date, this is not only important from an SEO perspective but also from your own customer’s experience whilst visiting your site.

The SEO Elephant

What’s the best way to eat an elephant? The answer is pretty simple, little by little of course. OK, before you report me to the RSPCA for inciting any form of animal cruelty, I am an animal lover and I would never condone any form of ill-treatment towards any animal. This is a very simple analogy in which SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) may be compared to such an enormous task as on my opening line. This three letter acronym has been the subject of countless numbers of books, seminars, webinars and many other types “inars” you can think of, the bottom line is that the only way forward in understanding SEO is bit by bit, little by little.

My name is Mike de Coster and I am the Senior Articles and Contents writer for Artemis Internet Marketing , I will be writing about the various aspects of SEO in an understandable and easy to digest way starting from what SEO is exactly to the million dollar question, how much does SEO actually cost. Just to whet your appetite and more to the point, on the subject of how much does SEO cost, a lot of it will revolve around how much none or poor SEO may be costing you. I will be posting on our blog on a regular basis so make sure you come back and visit us for my latest posts.

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