RICS Release New Video


Earlier in March RICS released a new marketing video to help chartered surveyors market their practice and explain the benefits of their services to potential clients. A video on your website is a great way of getting key points across to prospects.

The video explains how it is essential to instruct a chartered surveyor to carry out a survey before any potential property purchase. And also flags up the common misconception that a mortgage valuation is a survey when obviously it is solely for the bank’s benefit and not the purchaser’s. The video then goes on to explain how RICS research shows that on average a home buyer will spend £5,750 on repair costs after moving into their new home.

You can see the video below

How to add the video to your practice’s website

  1. Click this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTlJV8z2aM0 
  2. Click on ‘Share’ highlighted in red below
  3. Click on ‘Embed’ as highlighted in red below.

Copy and paste the code highlighted below on to your firms website NOTE: If you need help with this please give us a call and we’d be more than happy to help.


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Google Sends Warning Messages to Webmasters

Are You Ready For Google’s Mobile Search Update?

WHY DO (1)

Further to our newsletter in November, Google is planning a big change to its mobile search algorithm. This could make a huge difference to your practice over the next couple of months. What would happen to your practice if your website disappeared from Google’s mobile search?

As you would have read in our November newsletter on Why Surveyors Need a Mobile Friendly Website Google released a “mobile friendly” tag in its search results from mobiles (see example below). If you haven’t received an email it may have been sent to your web developer get in touch with us to find out where your website lies within Google’s eyes.


During January 2015 Google has taken the next step in their mobile search update by sending emails to webmasters warning them about the new update to mobile search highlighting the errors in their sites (see example below).

google mobile warning email

You can read more about Google’s new mobile algorithm on Search Engine Land’s blog post. Search Engine Land is a leading search engine marketing news site.

If you don’t have a responsive website when Google’s update runs your rankings for mobile search will drop significantly meaning you could be losing out on local instructions that you would have otherwise received. From the surveyors we currently work with our data reveals…

  • Between 24-36% of their visitors are viewing their website from mobile phones 

Because of the high percentage of mobile searches on Google for surveyors this update will make a huge difference in the way your website works for you over the next few years.

What To Do Next?

Simply fill in the contact form on the right hand side of this page and a professional member of our team will get in touch with you and explain how we can make your website mobile friendly and generate more instructions in 2015.


Why Do Surveyors Need a Mobile Friendly Website?

WHY DO (1)

Google Announces Update To Mobile Search

But What Does This Mean For Surveyors? 

With more and more people turning to Google when looking for a building surveyor,  Google’s most recent update means it’s become more important than ever for Surveyors to have a website that is mobile friendly.

From the Surveyors we currently work with, we have found that…

  • In-between 24-36% of their visitors are viewing their website from mobile phones 

In a world that’s constantly on the move, Google searches from mobile phones are at an all time high. And the surveying industry seems to one of the best examples of the case in point.

What all the above tells us is that people are sitting in the estate agents on the high street waiting for their offer on a prospective property to be accepted, and while they wait they will take out their mobile and search on Google for a local surveyor.

And the financial reward for being at the top of that search result is staggering. – View case study

As of the 18th of November 2014 Google has started to roll out a “Mobile-friendly” label in their search results on mobile phones.


This will impact on search engine rankings in favour of those surveyors with a mobile friendly, responsive website.  (see image above)

For more information about what it takes to have a “Mobile-Friendly” website we have written an informative blog post here.

Artemis have years of experience of working with a wide range of Surveyors, for more information on the surveyors we’ve helped take a look here.  

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Google should be broken up, or so Euro MPs say

800px-Google (1)

We all know Google is certainly not a small company, for many people it is so big they consider it a public service rather than a private enterprise. This often leads to dismay when Google change something, even cries of “they can’t do that!” Well, as we know, they can do whatever they like, just the same as McDonald’s could start charging £100 for one fry or launch a swan burger.

It seems recently though Google’s magnitude has been causing some concern in political circles too, the search giant have been accused of favouring their own services and companies in search results over that of possibly more suitable offerings from unrelated companies. Clearly as a private concern Google is entitled to offer up whatever results it feels correct, after all, its existence is down to it offering good results. If it stops doing that it won’t be popular and so won’t continue to be the most successful search engine.

Taking into account the companies rights to act as they so please there is still some worth in the Euro MPs suggesting Google should be broken up. As I mentioned, the brand has become so big that users sometimes fail to recognise it’s commercial position and as such don’t take the results in a commercial context. This does give some credence to the claim then, that by prioritising its own services Google is actually not acting responsibly.

The European parliament has voted for the break up, much to the dismay of various US trade bodies, but as it stands the final decision lies with the EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager.

This all stems from a case brought in 2012 by Google competitors taking issue with how, among other things, Google displays its vertical search engine services, uses content from across the web in their own services like reviews, and how Google sells its ads around search terms. Initially there were a number of concessions put to Google that they turned down, and so the case rumbled on. The recent revival and vote is suggesting the only way to resolve the issue is to simply break up the company thus dividing the search business from advertising and other commercial services. The aim, or at least the suggestion here is that it would allow room for other businesses to move in and offer similar services.

Whatever happens, and the likleyhood is that not much will for some time, Google will continue to innovate and dominate search and its ancillary services for the forseable future. But nothing is forever, and the digital world has shown us time and time again that new comers can change the world, remember Yahoo?… only just!

Google Removes 'Google Authorship'


For three years Google has attempted to implement Google Authorship into articles by linking an Author’s ‘digital signature’ through their Google+ account. The aim of this was to allow authors to build a reputation as a credited blogger or journalist, thus giving their articles more credibility. This would in turn generate more traffic for the websites and articles associated with credited bloggers.

With Google constantly pushing their Google+ social platform, it did not come as much of a surprise that Google Authorship was linked to your Google+ account, however it still hasn’t helped Google+ gain any popularity and Google has even recently announced that Authorship has not affected website traffic in the way that they had predicted.

In fact latest updates suggest that Authorship has had little to no effect in increasing traffic to pages, so after a three year long experiment, Google has finally announced that Authorship will be entirely removed from search results.

Bloggers soon took to Twitter to suggest that Google had used authorship as a sinister bait to entice people to use their social network as it struggled to compete with the ‘social media big boys’ such as Facebook.

“Unfortunately, we’ve also observed that this information isn’t as useful to our users as we’d hoped, and can even distract from those results. With this in mind, we’ve made the difficult decision to stop showing authorship in search results.”

Google analyst John Mueller concluded that the complete removal of author information did not seem to reduce traffic to websites and as such the decision has been made to implement it indefinitely.

This is just another example of how Google can change their rules over night and why we need to constantly stay updated of everything that’s going on in the SEO world.

Off to Autosport International tomorrow

autosport international

I’m looking forward to going to the Autosport International Show at the NEC in Birmingham tomorrow with one of our clients SVG Motorsport.

Be good to catch up with my brother on the Quaife stand and also to meet lots of new people.

Geoff Steel Racing will be my last port of call as very kindly they’re bringing down my e36 M3 Evo track car they’ve been working on over winter so it’s not all work which is good.

Motorsport related companies are great to work with from an online marketing point of view as its such a great subject that so many people are interested in, so if we dont happen to catch up tomorrow and you’re interested in seeing how Artemis could help your motorsport business grow its online presence and revenue then get in touch today to arrange a free consultation.




Case Studies 2013

Case Studies Front Cover

As another fantastic year passes Artemis celebrates in the success of our clients. We have assembled a small case study document explaining what we’ve achieved here.

We’re also lucky enough to have just received another fantastic review from another one of our clients on our FreeIndex page.

“We approached Artemis in June this year having had several awful experiences over the last few years with previous supposed internet marketing experts which had ended up with our website being heavily penalised and enquiries drying up. 

We were very sceptical about the whole industry as no one seemed to have any real world business experience or the ability to communicate in a way we could understand as non tech people, however when we received the initial website report from Mike we were extremely impressed with both the technical knowledge they obviously had and how they put this across in plain English but also how we needed to improve the site from a commercial aspect to generate higher enquiry levels. 

It has been extremely hard work for them over the last 6 months and they have gone far beyond the time we pay for each month to get the previous mess sorted out. It’s still relatively early days but with their suggestions, a brand new website that looks amazing compared to what we had before and the knowledge they have given us about what went wrong and why, we are now seeing a large increase in enquiries and are delighted to back on the right track again. 

From our perspective having a company that has offices we can visit and an attitude of problem solving and actually getting results we would wholeheartedly recommend Mike, Justin and all the staff at Artemis to anyone who is looking at trying to improve their Google rankings.”

Tracey Donegan – Supreme Clean

We always work hard for our clients which is proven by our unrivaled client retention rate.

If one of your new years resolutions is to get your web site in shape then give us a call on 01444 645018, or get a take advantage of our free consultation by clicking here.

40% Off Our SEO Training Courses

With 2014 slowly but surely sneaking up on us many business owners are preparing their marketing for the New Year.

However here at Artemis we understand that many small businesses simply don’t have the marketing budget for a long term investment in an SEO agency.

Nevertheless they understand that ignorance is not an excuse.  Statistics from 2013 show that 89% of consumers use search engines for purchase decisions and 71% of business purchase decisions are started with a search engine. Statistics like this prove that you can no longer get away with ignoring the power of the internet, as your competitors certainly won’t be.

With the New Year fast approaching our SEO and Social Media e-Learning courses have flown off their symbolic online shelves.

These courses explain in simple jargon free language the systems and processes of SEO and Social Media, and more importantly how to incorporate them into a marketing campaign.

These great video based modules are updated frequently in tandem with Google latest algorithm updates ensuring you’re constantly up to date with the latest tools.

We were initially using them as a tool to educate our clients about what it is we do and try to take away some of the mystery that surrounds the SEO industry. But, because of the huge interest and fantastic feedback we’ve received. As well as the fact we’re not looking to make a huge profit from them, we have been able to cut the price of the individual courses from £249 to £149 alternatively you can now buy both for just £259. Check out the free demo by clicking here.

A 50% increase in enquiries and another satisfied Sussex SEO client.

We really like having happy internet marketing clients and it’s always much appreciated when they take the time to say nice things about us!

Chris runs a fantastic bathroom design company here in Sussex and we’re delighted to be helping his business grow.



“We contacted a 3 internet marketing companies in the spring of 2013 with the premise of increasing our online presence. After meeting with two of these companies, we felt that although they had technical knowledge, they lacked the commercial acumen in understanding our business.

We then arranged a meeting with Artemis. From the beginning, it was very obvious that they understood not only the technical but also the commercial aspects of our business goals. This meant that we would explain these in commercial terms and they then translated this into a clear internet marketing campaign in which our rankings have increased month on month and new enquiries are up 50%.

This has generated new capital which we have re-invested into creating a new website to further strengthen our online presence.

Thank you Artemis for your help and understanding to my demands over the past 6 months. You have played a major part in the success of our business and 2014 is looking like a promising year!!!”

Chris Burton



Why don't SEO companies tell clients what they do?

I find it amazing that 99% of the enquiries we receive are from companies who are fed up with the lack of reporting and transparency from their existing SEO provider.

Smoke and Mirrors

Coming from a Financial Services background for over 15 years it’s second nature to me to log all the work you do for a client.

It’s a belief that we’ve integrated fully at Artemis as we run time sheets where we log all the actual work we do for clients, the pages we optimise, the articles we write and the guest blog posts or AB testing we carry out.

We went undercover last month and checked out what our competition do and we were really surprised when we asked would they actually log the work they do or report on the hours they’ve done and we got comments like” We’re not accountants” or “Why we do that? our clients wouldn’t understand it” or “it’s our intellectual property”, “its not our practice to disclose our methodology”

I think any service you contract whether its an accountant, solicitor or marketing company you should expect to receive a detailed report of the actual work they’ve done for you, not in the case of our competitors just screenshoits from Google Analytics which you can access yourself at any time.

We’ve pushed a few SEO companies this year to provide us with detailed reports of the work they’ve carried out for clients who aren’t happy and have come to us and without exception none of them have provided any.

It’s really sad I think because it gives our industry a bad name and a reputation of “smoke and mirrors” when in fact it should be the most transparent industry in the world as every metric is trackable and reportable.

We’re proud to report to clienst the way we do and to have been nominated for an award for innovation within the online marketing industry, which is strange really when all we do different is actually tell clients what we’ve done for the money they’ve paid us!

If you’re frustrated at the lack of transparency you receive at the moment why not come and talk to us and see how we work and why our clients love our reporting methods.