Why ‘The Business Show 2013’ Will Be Better Than ‘The American Music Awards’

Now we’ve gotten the American Music Awards out of the way, the next red carpet event in everyone’s diary is the Business Show 2013 which is being hosted at the Olympia Conference Centre in London.

On Thursday the 28th of November 25,000 businesses will meet to discuss opportunities, make new contacts and share advice.


Miley Cyrus


The Business show is similar to the American Music Awards in many ways, but with a few subtle differences. For example instead of a controversial performance from Miley Cyrus, The Business show will have performances from keynote speakers such as David Gold (chairman of Ann Summers and West Ham FC). David will be sharing his experience and insights on how to grow your business alongside many other business A-listers such as; Sir Tom Shebbeare (chairman of Virgin Money Given) and Brad Burton (Managing Director of 4Networking).

Unlike the American Music Awards the Business Show is a free event which is open to all industries, which will give you the tools to improve, evolve and expand your business making it invaluable to any ambitious business owner.

This year Artemis is delighted to be attending in partnership with their favourite Email Marketing software providers Sentori . Sentori are a friendly UK based company which provide creative email marketing campaigns for small businesses.

So, if you’re a motivated business owner who is interested in building a better business, then join us at The Business Show 2013 and be sure to swing by Sentori’s stand for your chance to win a brand new iPod.

(Image Courtesy of kennejima)

Voip vs Traditional Phones

We’re having the debate about whether to change from a Voip phone system back to a traditional system with a PBX in the office, we love the functionality our current Voip system gives us but it’s sooo frustrating when our internet connection spikes and drops for a second and the whole system goes down and we have to wait for it to reboot. We’re looking at Avaya phone systems or Panasonic, lots of our clients ask us about our phone system so we’ll keep you posted on what we choose.

Software blinkin' software

Grrr finally I have caved in and decided to get some bespoke software development done to help make our lives run a bit smoother. We use the cloud for 99% of what we need these days but sometimes there are just some tasks that are unique to how we do things so we’re getting our friends at 3ait to write some jazzy stuff to get everythingtalking to each other. Can’t wait to see it in action.

Google Showing Just 3 Organic Results

Well, there I was doing a search for “Barcelona airport car hire” for a trip that I’m arranging and I was quite surprised to discover that the results showed just three results!  I’m used to Google showing just six or seven results but never three.   It looks like, if anything, they are introducing even more local listings.

This search was on Google.co.uk and when I did the same search on Google.com there were 9 results.

Here’s a screenshot of my “3 results” SERPS:

Well, it looks like getting a top three result may one day become more important than ever.

Have you ever seen 3 results yourself?  Leave a comment and let me know.

Customer reviews for our Sussex SEO services

Thank you to our lovely clients who have written such nice things about us on Free Index this week. If you’re struggling to achieve the results you want or you’re frustrated by the lack of feedback and reporting from your current online marketing company then get in touch with the Sussex SEO experts.

Launching a new telecomms website this week

After a couple of months of solid work and undoing the complete mess the previous web company made we are almost ready to launch the brand new website for our goof friends at Overline. This is a real life example of why if you’re going to change your website it really really makes sense to get the advice of an SEO professional, things like 301 redirects, title tags and product pages are essential to be structtured correctly.

We seem to be getting a lot of business from companies who’ve lost all their ranking when their new sites go live, this is a crying shame as it doesn’t need to happen.

Speak to us today about SEO friendly web design.

Another happy Surrey SEO client

We have been working with a great local family run Kitchen Company since the start of August, they’ve had a website for years but mainly as an online brochure rather than a sales enquiry generator.

We have been working hard to get maximum coverage for the areas they cover and introducing social media and setting up email marketing campaigns to all the emails addresses they collect but never do anything with.

The results are below, not bad even if I do say so myself 🙂

Get in touch with us today if you want to start getting some serious results from your online marketing efforts.

Exact Match Domain Google Algorithm Update

A minor tweak to Google’s algorithm is what Matt Cutts called it last night when he tweeted about the latest Google algorithm update. We disagree at the moment we are seeing huge changes in long established search results.

Matt said it would affect low quality sites with exact match domains, we are seeing far more than this with large sites with loads of unique content, great linking profiles and only partial match domains literally disappearing from the front 10 pages of the search results.

Our Head of Organic search, Justin Aldridge is already noticing trends and we expect to have potential solutions for sites that have been hit by early next week.

If you have been affected by the exact match domain or EMD update we’d love to hear from you and if you need our help to restore your sites rankings please get in touch to see how we can help.

In the meantime let’s all try and not panic too much over the weekend, easier said than done 🙁

IT Support Horsham

Glad we could help out a client who had serious server problems yesterday by recommending 3ait a local company run by a good friend who we work with and offer very quick response times on all your Horsham IT support needs.

Artemis Are Recruiting!

The Artemis Team Expands!

Artemis Internet Marketing is an internet marketing and business and sales consultancy agency which helps clients increase their sales and revenue from a mix of organic and paid search and the implementation of best practice workflow processes including CRM implementation, data segmentation and subsequent e-marketing strategies. Recently we’ve been growing the UK arm of the business and have now reached the point where we need more hands on deck!

Established in 2004, we have clients in both the UK and Europe and we also uniquely have our own portfolio of over 400 stand alone websites that provide leads to many different companies across the financial and property sectors.

We offer our clients unrivalled link building strategies combined with a no nonsense plain English but highly creative approach combined with incredible technical and sales knowledge and a very strong online business and sales background that combines to deliver tangible online results and sizeable profits for our clients.

The UK arm of the company is fast growing and as a boutique agency we take a very personable and hands-on approach with all work and clients. You will be involved in all areas and levels of a client’s campaign and not restricted to the basics, thus providing a perfect environment for a fast learner and someone wanting to have a direct input with client contact as well. There’s excellent potential to be involved in a dynamic growing company.

Traditionally Untraditional!

There’s so many unique Internet Marketing companies out there and many have offices that look like fab playgrounds! Artemis is no different, well, there’s no specific “Chillax Zone” in the middle of the office but we like to think we are unique and have something a bit special to offer.

Above everything we have in the “job spec” (email us to get it), realistically we’re looking for the right person to fit in with the current team and our set up we have! We’re open minded to different levels of experience and previous roles a person may have had because at the end of the day, SEO career paths can be pretty unconventional so if you’re interested in finding out more then get in touch and email us at info@artemisinternetmarketing.com and we’d love to give you a call right back!