Our Sussex SEO team expands again

After a very busy first four months of the year and with the recent Google algorithm change now known as “penguin” (which makes linking from more varied domains even more important) we are delighted to have added a new member to our already strong content writing team.

Camilla Barker is a fantastic degree educated writer who is also studing for her PhD at the moment but still finds the time to assist us with helping our article and content writing efforts for all our Sussex and Surrey SEO clients.

High quality content and great article syndication has never been more important for keeping a website ranking well and Artemis boasts one of the very strongest writing teams in the industry.

Thank God for a good Surrey IT support company

Arrgh you know what it’s like, just as you are working on some uber time critical job on your computer and the damn thing decides some of its RAM wants to give up the ghost. Fortunately we have been doing some joint work with 3ait who are a local Surrey IT Support company, RAM changed and back up and running in less than 2 hours after the problem, Good work chaps and lets hope our marketing results happen just as quickly……….

Sussex Kitchens

Another week, another new client, this time a really great Sussex kitchens company called Rightside Kitchens, based in Findon they offer stunning quality kitchens at sensible prices and the other nice aspect is their free home kitchen design consultation. Check them out at www.rightsidekitchens.co.uk.

Malaga Airport Travel Guide Launches

Delighted to be working with this great new Malaga Airport travel guide website. Packed full of useful info for anyone travelling through Malaga Airport including live flight arrival and departures and a really competitive Malaga Airport car hire comparison booking engine to make sure you get the best rates possible. Shuttle services, parking and bus info are all provided as well.

Our Sussex SEO service is now even more transparent

We are delighted to launch this week our client log in area where our Sussex SEO clients can monitor loads of great stats and the general progress of the work we are doing. Taking data from Google analytics it combines the bits they are interested in with a great link counting tool and a graphical representation of their current serach engine rankings for their most important keywords.

I am often amazed at how little reporting many SEO firms actually provide their clients and it’s something at Artemis we believe is vital to develop trust and a better understanding of the work we are doing for our clients.


New Sussex Mortgage Broker Client

Delighted to be working with my old colleague John Whyte fom Whyte Financial. John’s is an excellent Sussex mortgage broker, he’s got 15 years experience and uses all the different lenders, he is also a Sussex equity release expert who is doing very well in this booming market as people struggle to pay care home fees and medical bills and need to unlock capital from the homes.

New Surrey SEO Clients

Artemis are delighted to announce they have started working with three new Surrey based clients so far in 2012, if you are looking for great value Surrey SEO advice then why not contact us today.

Google Malware Notifications

How to remove the Google phrase “This site may harm your computer”

Google and their partners work hard to ensure that Internet users do not fall foul to websites that may contain Malware ( software designed to infiltrate a computer system without the owner’s informed consent. The expression is a general term used by computer professionals to mean a variety of forms of hostile, intrusive, or annoying software). While this is extremely important for Internet users they do not always get it right as one of our clients found out recently.

Their website has been around since 1999 and through our ongoing Internet marketing they have been at the top of Google for a number of important and well searched keywords. However over the last week Google and their Malware partners decided that there was some malicious code on the site and therefore attached a warning to the Google results stating that the website “may harm your computer”, on top of which if you did click the link to enter the site it actaully came up with another warning resulting in hardly anyone entering via Google. Needless to say that their traffic diminished to next to nothing and their business seriously suffered.

We were called in to review the website and look at the code and we quickly established that there was no malicious code present. Was this a mistake? Unfortunately we will never know but during this time their ‘online’ business and leads were seriously affected.

As their Internet marketing company we went through the necessary protocols and within a few hours we have managed to remove the warnings from Google and get their website and traffic back on track.

Choosing an Internet marketing company to work with your business is not just about improving ranking, increasing conversions and increasing your online footprint (as we do), it is about choosing a company that understands all aspects of working with the major search engines and a company that is prepared to react to unforseen circumstances and resolve issues quickly in order to minimise loss of revenue.

Many thanks for all your help with this one : Much appreciated.

Don’t take chances with your online business make sure you are working with a professional Internet marketing company who is willing to work hard, regardless of the challenges to ensure your online reputation is never tarnished.

Contact Artemis Internet Marketing now for a free consultation.

Webmaster Tools – Top Pages

More new features for webmaster tools makes it even closer to Google Analytics, or at least a ‘lite’ version of the popular website trafiic and visitor analytical tool.

If you now look at search queries section there is a new tab called Top Pages. Under this tab you can see a list of your top performing pages either by search queries (impressions) or by Clicks and CTR.

Next to the pages links there is a little + symbol and this will open up to show you the main search terms this page appears for along with page impressions, clicks and CTR for the actual search term.

Webmaster Tools Top Pages Tab

Google to be investigated by EU

And so it begins…

It has been announced that the European Union (EU) will be launching an investigation into the Google search engine as a result of complaints received by other search engines operating within the EU citing that Google has abused its dominant position as the number one search engine .

If the allegations are proved to be true it will be a huge blow to Google and may result in the public no ‘trusting’ the search engine as they have done now for over ten years.

The allegations being investigated by an EU commission are looking into whether Google lowered the rankings of competition services within its results.

The investigation was launched subsequent to complaints by a numner of firms including price comparison site Foundem and legal search engine ejustice.fr.

The investigation is keen to point out that it does not mean that there has actually been any wrong doing by Google and a Google spokesperson said;

Since we started, Google we have worked hard to do the right thing by our users and our industry.

But there’s always going to be room for improvement, and so we’ll be working with the Commission to address any concerns.

With Google being such a large player in terms of how much business firms can do on the Internet it was inevitable that this sort of thing would happen and I am sure it will not be the last.

Google has resonded to some of the arguments launched for bad rankings and being in the industry they totally make sense. Just because you are a large corporate, successful company does not mean you have a right to top positions.

For example, Google said, Foundem “duplicates 79% of its website content from other sites.”

We all know and have known for years that duplicate content is a no, no in websites. And if there are duplicate pages there are ways to ensure only one of them counts in the search engines using canonical tags and such like.

It will be interesting to see the outcome of the investigation but I am sure it will just fizzle out as the arguments put forward appear to be more about sour grapes and bad SEO than anything else.