Staff Introduction

Artemis_Internet_Marketing_Jason      Hi! My name is Jason, the latest member of the team! And as the newest member it is my duty to drag you away from your work to read a few lines about myself.

     Since the first time I was sat down in front of this strange new machine (also known as a personal computer) I was hooked! This was back in the day when the monitors were as big as your car and the storage capacity was as small as…well the floppy disk it was on. Those days were filled with pushing wrong buttons, accidently deleting important files and general crying in to my keyboard due to losing at Minesweeper. I then reached the stage where I decided to go to the library and learn how these things work, now the world has google I’m not even sure if libraries exist….I must google it!

     After years of training in the magical art of Ctrl, Alt, Del I wanted to choose a career path in which I could put my new found skills in to practise. I tried plumbing but the lack of an Undo button was starting to get to me. I then pointed my attention to design, the wondrous world where you can take whatever crazy ideas you have in your head and put them on to the screen for the whole world. Having received a free copy of Adobe Photoshop and, at the time, Macromedia Dreamweaver I then once again broadened my horizons with new design possibilities. Having designed my first website at the age of 14 I knew that my passion for this medium would take me far. For many years I worked freelance for companies around the UK designing a whole range of websites and media until I had the pleasure of meeting Mike, Managing Director of Artemis Internet Marketing. Not only did Mike make me feel welcome from day one but so did the team, and as strange as it may sound even the company as an entity. Artemis is as well programmed, organised and friendly company which has aided the often terrifying transition from old employment to new, I can see myself being a very happy chappy here!

Artemis are Recruiting!

Fancy joining the team at Artemis?

We’re currently looking for a Junior Search Marketing and Content Executive to work out of our Haywards Heath office.

If you’re interested in finding out more simply head on over to our careers page to read up on this exciting new role and how to apply


Fancy a career in SEO with Artemis?

The past few months have seen Artemis Internet Marketing go from strength to strength as we’ve taken on more work than ever before and continue to enjoy fantastic ranking results across the many campaigns we’re working on. The work keeps coming thick and fast thanks to the measured, proven results we get for our clients, and the many word of mouth referrals they bring. Earlier this year we moved to swanky new premises out in the Sussex countryside and had to take on more staff but already we’re reaching capacity and are now looking at further expansion.


So, with this in mind, we’d like to invite anyone looking for SEO jobs in Sussex to get in touch with us as we look to expand our team. We’d like to hear from writers, techies, business development professionals and anyone who might think they can offer something to further drive our operation forward. Whether you’re an experienced SEO specialist or have a background outside of digital marketing, why not get in touch with us to find out more about what we do and how you might fit in.

IT Support Horsham

Glad we could help out a client who had serious server problems yesterday by recommending 3ait a local company run by a good friend who we work with and offer very quick response times on all your Horsham IT support needs.

Artemis Are Recruiting!

The Artemis Team Expands!

Artemis Internet Marketing is an internet marketing and business and sales consultancy agency which helps clients increase their sales and revenue from a mix of organic and paid search and the implementation of best practice workflow processes including CRM implementation, data segmentation and subsequent e-marketing strategies. Recently we’ve been growing the UK arm of the business and have now reached the point where we need more hands on deck!

Established in 2004, we have clients in both the UK and Europe and we also uniquely have our own portfolio of over 400 stand alone websites that provide leads to many different companies across the financial and property sectors.

We offer our clients unrivalled link building strategies combined with a no nonsense plain English but highly creative approach combined with incredible technical and sales knowledge and a very strong online business and sales background that combines to deliver tangible online results and sizeable profits for our clients.

The UK arm of the company is fast growing and as a boutique agency we take a very personable and hands-on approach with all work and clients. You will be involved in all areas and levels of a client’s campaign and not restricted to the basics, thus providing a perfect environment for a fast learner and someone wanting to have a direct input with client contact as well. There’s excellent potential to be involved in a dynamic growing company.

Traditionally Untraditional!

There’s so many unique Internet Marketing companies out there and many have offices that look like fab playgrounds! Artemis is no different, well, there’s no specific “Chillax Zone” in the middle of the office but we like to think we are unique and have something a bit special to offer.

Above everything we have in the “job spec” (email us to get it), realistically we’re looking for the right person to fit in with the current team and our set up we have! We’re open minded to different levels of experience and previous roles a person may have had because at the end of the day, SEO career paths can be pretty unconventional so if you’re interested in finding out more then get in touch and email us at and we’d love to give you a call right back!