What Does Google's 'Pigeon' Update Mean for Your Business?

Google have recently made a change to their local search algorithm that could potentially result in substantial changes to your ranking capabilities when it comes to localised search. You may have already witnessed a change in the amount of traffic you’ve been getting, especially with regards to local search terms. The algorithm update itself is a review of location parameters and distances so that search becomes more relevant overall.

Google Pigeon Update

The update, dubbed ‘Pigeon’ by Search Engine Land, focuses on various search capabilities and their connections with local search results. One of the things Pigeon seems to be targeting is directory sites ranking above local, individual business websites. Spelling correction, the Knowledge Graph and synonyms are all likely to be affected by the update as well.

Now this doesn’t seem particularly ideal if you’re an individual business but there are a few ways the algorithm could benefit you in the long term. To those who ranked particularly well for popular search terms, we say don’t panic just yet. Local results have become all the more important to your success, with queries now becoming increasingly geo-targeted. The fact that local businesses have such a small amount of competition means that ranking has become even more valuable.

Whilst this means your business might not appear as much in local search as it did in the past, the relevance of the people who search for you will increase substantially, bringing in far more qualified searchers. If that’s not enough to have you encouraged, businesses have already reported an increase in site traffic since the update was released, possibly down to higher quality and fewer businesses turning up in search results.

It’s highly advised that, if you haven’t already done so, you create a Google page for your site so that you appear in both Local and Carousel results. Just make sure that your page is fully up-to-date and verified to receive the full benefit of qualified leads arriving from local search results.

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Will Content Still Rank Without Links?

One of Matt Cutts’ summer webmaster videos involved answering the following question:

“How does Google determine quality content if there aren’t a lot of links to a post?”

As you may well know, quality content is essential for any webpage to flourish. However, there are a number of different aspects related to content that affect the overall ranking potential of a page. Cutts explains that, in order to fully understand how quality content is recognised without links, you need to take a look at how search engines operated before links were used as a ranking signal.

In the above video, Cutts gives us a brief overview of how content would be analysed through solely the text on the page. When a word first appears on a page, it is counted more in comparison to other words that appear.  As it continues to appear, the word is counted less but as long as additional appearances of the word occur, Google will come to the conclusion that this particular page is in reference to the topic being searched.

However, Cutts also said that repeating the same keyword multiple times to try and emphasise your affiliation with a certain topic could be regarded as keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing actually has the opposite effect and you could be penalised heavily for it.

Another way in which Google determines the quality of a page is through its domain. If the page covers a reasonably obscure search query, the chances are it won’t need any links to still be returned in search results. Remember that Google look to target the relevance of a page, so you don’t really need links if your content covers a rare search phrase.

World Cup Round Up – How Did Google Embrace the Event?

The World Cup came to a close earlier on this month and despite the dreams of an entire nation tumbling spectacularly to the ground, it’s safe to say this particular sporting event was one of the most talked about since records began.


The idyllic football-crazed setting fused with a plethora of booming technological outlets brought about some of the most searched, posted and tweeted events of the year. Google was no stranger to the sporting celebrations either, with a variety of Google Doodles released to mark the occasion. In addition, Google had to cope with a record 2.1 billion World Cup-related searches over the past few months. To mark the closing of such a memorable occasion, here were some of the most iconic events that brought about the most online activity, some of which aren’t likely to surprise you.

The North-American Dream

The USA arrived at the tournament looking to build on a squad full of young talent and it’s fair to say they surpassed their expectations. The popularity of soccer in the US has grown considerably over the last couple of months, meaning the online contribution from fans across the States started to hit incredible heights. Tim Howard’s wonderful display in goal against Belgium brought about the most online activity in North America. Howard turned out to be the most searched Goalkeeper of the tournament despite losing out to Germany’s Manuel Neuer in the race for the Golden Glove.

The Suarez Bite

Suarez’s infamous biting incident was once of the most talked about events on the planet in June/July. Millions of people reacted to the Uruguayans startling display of petulance on Twitter, with all kinds of searches subsequently appearing on Google, most of which were related to jaws, cannibalism and Hannibal Lector. Giorgio Chiellini certainly wasn’t impressed when he realised Suarez had sunk his teeth into his shoulder and one of the most searched for images in that week was the Italian showing the referee the damage Suarez had caused.

The Final

The World Cup Final was the most talked about event on social media ever, despite there being little in the way of goalmouth action up until the final ten minutes of extra time. It’s an incredible statistic considering many sporting neutrals and the less enthused crowd in general seeking a bit of magic from the stars on show, such as Muller, Higuain, Klose and of course, Messi. Despite this, over 672 million tweets and 3 billion interactions were recorded on social media. Sami Khedira and Miroslav Klose were two of the most searched players of the tournament on Google, especially after Klose became the all time leading scorer in World Cup History.

Of course, there were other events that contributed to such an incredible statistic, not least Neymar’s tragic injury which put him out of the tournament altogether. Overall, it seems the World Cup was embraced by so many from all corners of the world and Google’s statistics along with social media have shown that football really does bring the world together.

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New Google Analytics App for iOS Released

It’s the moment many iOS webmasters have been waiting for. Google Analytics is finally available on iPhone and iPod Touch, so there’s no need to envy the Android users any longer!

Analytics App 2Analytics AppAnalytics App 3

There are some pretty helpful features included in the app and most of them are ones you will already be used to. These include access to visits, sources, page views and other statistics.You can download Google Analytics for iOS from the App Store now. The app itself is compatible with a wide range of iOS devices, although it’s actually optimised specifically for the iPhone 5. Remember that you’ll need to be running iOS 6.0 at least to run the app successfully.

It’s also been claimed by TechCrunch that you’ll have access to Real Time reports, giving you the chance to monitor data as it changes. Overall, it’s a great alternative to sitting in front of the PC for hours and with the potential addition of Real Time reports, Analytics could become a much more user-friendly experience.

So if you’re an iOS user, get down to the App Store and download Google Analytics now! Tell us what your first experiences with the app are like in the comments below. There have been quite a few reviews already published, including reported error messages that occur after linking accounts, so we’d love to know your own initial experience with Google’s latest app.

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Another Happy Client!

We’re delighted to say that another of our clients, Southern United, have got in touch with us to provide some hugely positive feedback regarding our SEO work with them. It was a pleasure to help push their online business further and we hope to continue achieving such outstanding reviews.

“We have been working with Artemis now for the best part of a year and have found them to be both professional, efficient, tenacious and any requests that we make our always carried out exceptionally quickly with high attention to detail. 
They have transformed a website that had not been touched for countless years, into a modern, informative space that has resulted in us receiving many more customers far earlier than they promised us, they have exceeded our expectations throughout our relationship thus far!”
Southern United Ltd – 24 Jun 2014
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Yet More Satisfied Clients!

We’ve had not one but TWO great pieces of feedback this week, which is a particularly satisfying way to bring Friday to a close. It seems our marketing services are continuing to generate positive results and we hope to make even more of our clients happy in the near future.

Here’s what two of our clients had to say about our marketing services at Artemis this week:


“I run a marketing consultancy for SMEs in London and the South-East. Many of my clients often require SEO as part of their overall marketing mix. I have spent a lot of time looking at SEO providers and often find them to over-promise and under-deliver – this is not the case with Artemis. They have a refreshingly honest approach to all client activity – right from the initial brief. They provide great results, and provide reporting that is truly transparent and easy-to-understand. They are still my SEO provider of choice, time after time.”

 Victoria Timmons – 19 Jun 2014


“I approached Artemis after being recommended by my brother who has been dealing with them for 6 months or so and has been very impressed. 

Sadly like many people I felt very short changed by the companies I had previously dealt with in the online marketing industry and to be honest had been expecting no different from anyone else.
I was extremely pleasantly surprised, Mike and Justin are obviously amazingly proficient at what they do and the work they’ve delivered to me has been of a very high quality and well within the timescales they promised. Their suggestions and strategy made perfect sense for the first time and it’s been a real pleasure to deal with them, nothing seems to much trouble and they talk in plain non technical terms which is what I wanted.
Highly recommended doesn’t say enough, give them a call.”

 Gary Gunn – 19 Jun 2014


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Office Move!

Last Friday we packed up our server, emptied the tea bags into our cars and headed over to our brand new offices! Located just slightly further up Balcombe Road heading out of Haywards Heath, the new Artemis offices boast an openly laid out space with more desk room, high ceilings, skylights and an iconic design as the whole premises are a converted stable and a Grade II Listed building.

photo 1

Over the course of the past few weeks we have been busy planning the move. Having been at Borde Hill for just over a year now, it is sad to be moving out, but with a growing team the move is a real step forward for us.

photo 2

The office overlooks a stunning courtyard built in the 19th century where members of the team will be able to have lunch, with colleagues and clients alike looking to take five minutes out of their day to enjoy a breath of fresh air and relax amidst the beautiful countryside and rolling hills of Sussex.

photo 4

There are still a few things to be taken care of, with a water cooler on the way and plans for a few tropical fish to be added to the Artemis team, but for the most part we are well settled in the new Artemis Offices!

photo 5
We are really excited about starting life in a new office and we hope that our new office will help us to bring an even better online marketing service to all our customers, both old and new.

Spam-Fighting Algorithm Update 3.0 Released By Google

Matt Cutts made another algorithm-related announcement last week at SMX Advanced, although it had nothing to do with either Panda or Penguin. Instead, it was to do with the PayDay Loan algorithm that was launched around this time last year, which targets what Cutts refers to as “spammy queries”.


Despite the algorithm being updated as little as three weeks ago to version 2.0, Cutts announced that another update, version 3.0, would be introduced on June 12th.

The difference between the two updates is that spammy sites were the main target for version 2.0, whilst spammy queries are being focused on in the latest algorithm update. Update 3.0 was released on Thursday last week, although Matt Cutts gave little away when it came to differentiating between spammy sites and spammy queries.

It would seem that Google have identified another solution to the common nuisance that is online spam, with spammy queries becoming the main point of focus just a few weeks after Google decided to target spammy websites.

Spammy queries usually include results associated with payday loans, pornography and online betting. Matt Cutts did also refer to negative SEO factors when discussing version 2.0, so it could be that this is the main reason for the swift update and spammy queries are more of a sideshow.

Ultimately, there’s little information on the reasons behind this algorithm update at this time. What we do know is that Google are feverishly looking for ways to combat spam without the use of previous algorithms, so could we see more advanced spam-fighting tools released in the future? We’ll wait for more information from Matt Cutts on this one in the meantime…

Another Great Review

We were delighted to receive a wonderful review from Brighton Psychotherapy Centre, one of our many satisfied clients, on the 7th June. We’re always happy to hear back from our clients and it pleases us to know that our services are generating positive results.

“Running a psychotherapy practice means that I need to both promote my business, but also maintain a high level of ethics. Two previous ‘search engine optimization’ specialists let me down creating bad links to my site and essentially working in quite unethical and very ineffective ways. Artemis have been professional and straight talking from the outset – I now have a website that ranks extremely well and receive monthly work reports detailing exactly what work has been done. I am confident that my website is competitive, without compromising on the integrity of my business. Lastly, Artemis have a policy of only taking on clients where their business does not conflict with that of any existing clients, ensuring they work only to promote one business in each sector per geographic area.”