How can search marketers benefit from the World Cup?

We recently reached a significant milestone in our countdown towards the World Cup in Brazil, with just under 100 days left to wait. The World Cup has always had a huge economic impact throughout history.


Thanks to its immense popularity on a global scale, it’s no surprise to learn that search marketers could also benefit from the upcoming football tournament this summer.

Consider the highly successful TV adverts released by Nike in the past that matched the intensity, excitement and passion for the beautiful game. We witnessed television sales go through the roof, let alone Nike products. So how can search marketers benefit from the 2014 World Cup?

It’s important to try and get an idea of how the apparel related to the World Cup will turn out. Think about how search becomes fixated on a certain event such as a celebrating manager, a stunning free-kick or possibly even a head butt.

If you can plan ahead and get blog posts and advertisements prepared for these kinds of incidents, you’re already one step ahead. As the tournament continues the tension will continue to build, so you are sure to have a plethora of world cup-related events to choose from.

It also helps to think outside the box, especially when you’re a company that struggles to relate to large scale events, whether it’s the World Cup or Glastonbury Festival. For example, search results relating to cooking and recipes rose sharply before this year’s Super Bowl in the USA.

The World Cup appeals to such a wide audience so targeting a specific age group or gender is likely to have little to no effect. On the other hand, making the most of the latest devices could swing the odds in your favour.

Thinking up new marketing strategies that work with smartphones and tablets is essential as this is seen as the default form of technology in today’s world. Take advantage of social media throughout the tournament and try to keep regularly up-to-date with the action so as not to miss out on some excellent marketing opportunities.

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Brands identify Jelly as latest social networking craze

Brands are always looking for fresh, innovative ways of appealing to their clients by making the most of social media. With social networking apps such as Vine becoming great tools for a better social media campaign, it’s no surprise that yet another app has attracted huge attention from major brands. Jelly, a Q&A application sporting a jellyfish logo, is not your average social networking tool, yet brands are feverishly trying to discover how it can be best used for the purpose of internet marketing.

Untitled picture

The purpose of Jelly is to transfer people’s questions into answers in real time, with answers coming from other members of the public who know the answer rather than an automatically programmed system. It would seem unusual for brands to pursue a Q&A app to distribute their marketing strategies, yet they seem to be regularly making the most of so called “questions” to distribute company offers, deals etc.

What’s more, a lot of people have been put off by the idea of getting answers that can’t be regulated. Who’s to know whether the answers we receive from people are reliable? On top of that, the spamming technique is likely to be used regularly in an attempt to catch people’s attention, though it’s far more likely to frustrate users as they are likely to install the app for informative purposes only.

Interestingly, Jelly doesn’t have a “followers” or “contacts” option, so you won’t be assembling a group of friends with Jelly. This could give brands better access to the wider population. Whilst notifications can be switched off, it becomes very inactive in the process so people are less likely to take this option.  This makes spamming a more realistic possibility than some other social networking opportunities.

It may be far too early to make any predictions regarding Jelly’s potential but if brands are desperate to find other social media avenues, we could be hearing about it a lot more often in the near future, poisonous or not…

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How Safe Is Your Social Media?

Sometimes the internet can be a wonderful thing, providing us with new prospects and opportunities at every turn. Social media is a thing of beauty for all our internet marketing needs and we continue to adjust our strategies thanks to information gathered through searching the web. Unfortunately for one particular business, online opportunity has a slightly different meaning this week…


An employee who had previously been sacked at a local pub took matters into his own hands by venting his frustrations on twitter. He repeatedly posted messages that contradicted the general marketing techniques of the business, which is one way of putting it. As former head chef, he showed how having social media exploits exposed so easily can have devastating effects for a business.

Whilst this story certainly holds an admirable level of humour, it also presents an underlying message to all who dish out social media responsibilities so freely, whether it’s a smaller business or something considerably larger. This particular head chef’s tongue-in-cheek approach to his sacking might be an excellent way for him to get revenge but it certainly won’t bode well for the reputation of the pub.

Whilst we can’t be too quick to judge what kind of an effect this will have on the future successes of the pub, we can only stress how important it is to have someone at the helm of your social media project that can be relied upon. This doesn’t necessarily mean avoiding a rampant outburst on twitter, but also an ability to understand social media campaigns when they come along.

Social media plays a vital role in helping a business to succeed and it will certainly play a huge role next year with the technological advancements and updates that are being predicted. With that in mind, it might be a good idea to get someone who isn’t prepared to make the most of social media to bring down your business. I can safely say that Artemis are in good hands for the time being!

Artemis Internet Marketing are experts when it comes to assisting social media campaigns for the benefit of your business. If you want to learn more about how social media can change the face of your business and the services Artemis internet Marketing have to offer, we encourage you to get in touch today and receive a free consultation.

How can brand ambassadors help your social media campaign?

An effective social media campaign is essential for your business to excel and this is why social media has become such an important aspect of any online business. As 2014 draws near, predictions are leaning towards more expensive social media campaigns next year and these detailed campaigns have already started appearing today.



You can no longer rely on the number of Twitter followers you have or the amount of Facebook contacts you’ve accumulated. However, by identifying a brand ambassador, you open new doors to social media success. Ambassadors can be the answer to your prayers if you’re looking for an expansive social media campaign, so what’s the process of obtaining effective social media ambassadors?

You may well have multiple followers and your progression with social media may well be better than it’s ever been but the truth is it takes more than just facts and figures to win a potential client over. The quality of your campaign is much more important than assembling an army of contacts, especially as only a small minority of your followers will be important enough to maintain a strong campaign with. The trick is to locate a brand ambassador in all the social media contacts you have. This can be achieved in a number of ways.

You need to appeal to ambassadors enough so that they start discussing your business with their own valuable followers. To find an ambassador, simply navigate your way through Twitter or Facebook and find someone who is promoting businesses similar to yours. Check their followers and monitor their social activity. What are their influences? Are their followers interested in some of the things you provide?

Once you’ve got an ambassador, you should continue to monitor their communication with social groups to see how they could potentially distribute the information you have to offer. Maybe you could start by offering them early access to big news regarding your business.

Don’t forget that you can actually have multiple ambassadors at any given time which can really help you identify the right audience with more efficiency. Hopefully, a strong relationship with brand ambassadors can give you a strong base to work from and see your sales benefit in the process.

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Bing releases most popular searches of 2013 – Who's made it?

Bing has revealed its most searched items for 2013, with all sorts of topics brought into question. It’s been an excellent 2013 for Beyonce as she sits at the top of the tree for most searched person of the year, whilst Facebook remains the most searched social media site and Xbox the highest electronic system on the list. This could be a sign that many more searchers are taking to Bing and making the most of its connections with social media websites. Here’s a detailed analysis of the most popular searches of 2013.


The majority of individuals searched are your typical star name, with Beyonce taking the crown this year.  Rihanna moved up a place from fourth to third, whilst Barack Obama featured in the list again this year in tenth, unlike last year where he didn’t make the list at all. The presence of so many musical role models gives us the impression that Bing has managed to be successful when it comes to attracting the usage of younger searchers, with people having confidence in Bing to give them the information they need about specific individuals, from the latest news to the last minute tickets for their shows.

Social media searches are of little surprise with Facebook leading the way. Facebook has integrated with Bing and developed a working partnership, although this is not likely the reason for Facebook’s continued dominance at the top of the social media charts. Interestingly, Twitter sits below Pinterest in third, even though they have also integrated with Bing in the past year. Meanwhile, Google+ sits in tenth on Bing’s most popular searches list.

Entertainment systems were always going to thrive in search this year with the release of the latest major consoles. Xbox are way ahead of Playstation it seems however, as they sit in first place whilst the Sony-based platform lies in seventh. This could simply be down to the fact that Bing is a Microsoft creation as well as Xbox. In additional searches, the royal baby was top of the events list on Bing, with Syria and oil prices also getting a mention.

All in all, it seems Bing are providing the information that people want to see, though the only notable outcome of these lists is Sony’s Playstation so far below Xbox. Bing may have to do a bit more to attract gamers and techies over to their side next year.

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Google equipped for the Doctor Who anniversary

Yes it’s Friday, so what better way to end the week than to discuss how Google have looked to establish the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. The fictional TV show has gained a huge reputation over the years thanks to its futuristic genre, obscure scenery, terrifying villains and mind blowing special effects.

doctor who google

Whilst Google have made plenty of interactive features available on their web page for various other occasions, this particular anniversary has been greeted with a nifty little game. Thanks to the huge number of visitations Google receive throughout the day, there’s no doubt that this particularly addictive adventure game will have plenty of students hooked during school hours.

What’s more, Google’s connections with social media have made their interactive spin-offs a worldwide phenomenon. Twitter has been known to trend Google’s new features in the past across the globe, whilst Twitter’s connections with radio shows and television can make major interactive features like this explode with popularity.

Google only ever provide these interactive features for 24 hours, so you can expect the avid Doctor Who fans to be wasting their day away thanks to this clever piece of online marketing. It certainly worked on me!

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Christmas Advertising Begins

John Lewis have begun screening their latest interpretation of the festive season and that can only mean a major influx of Christmas adverts hitting our screens in the weeks to come. Christmas is one of the most highly anticipated times of year for the majority of sales firms and retail businesses.

These companies thrive on the impending Christmas cheer and subsequently up the ante when it comes to advertising the latest products as well as the odd bit of festive decor. So what does the Christmas period mean for the internet marketing world? Well, it means a whole lot more now than it used to…


With Christmas being such an appealing subject to clients and consumers, companies will do whatever it takes to evoke the spirit of Christmas in their advertising schemes.  Online companies now utilise the Christmas atmosphere through the design, structure and content of their websites.

Usually, website backgrounds will change and include a few of the odd Christmassy images to promote the spirit of the occasion. However, some companies will completely change the design and interactive aspects of their site in an attempt to draw more customers in.

It’s also no secret that Google are providing consumers with a huge amount of information surrounding products, gifts, decorations, music and other Christmas-related searches. The number of searches that correspond with the word Christmas are likely to multiply immensely over the next few weeks.

What’s more, the use of online video websites such as YouTube allow companies to promote their Christmas products even more effectively, something John Lewis have taken full advantage of. Their “The Bear and the Hare” advertisement for this year is the latest instalment that looks to tug on our heartstrings and direct us towards their products.

Ultimately, the concept is purchasing a Christmas gift for a friend, something we either see or hear in almost every Christmas advertisement. Therefore, it really does come down to how much emphasis you put on the concept of the festive period and proves that advertising products during Christmas time can get a huge lift from the utilisation of social media.




Foursquare As A Local Search Engine

Hands up if you’ve seen this before? Look familiar? We bet it does!

Foursquare has been around for a bit now but if you’re suddenly seeing a lot more info, stickers in shops and general news and talk about it, the app coming up on your “suggested apps” or on your iPhone Genius lists, it’s because Foursquare is about to become the most recent tool to get your business found in local searches.

So what is it? Why do I need it for my business? What will it do for me? Why now?


What is Foursquare?

As I explain to mere minions who haven’t yet claimed their first Mayorship, Foursquare is basically like the check-in feature on Facebook, just as Twitter is like the “update status” feature on Facebook and that alone. Foursquare is local based social networking site used primarily on mobile devices that allows you to check-in anywhere you go.

How Does Foursquare Work?

Foursquare users can use the app to search for local venues which can include businesses, shops, the local pub, your office and pretty much anywhere and once they’ve found their venue, they “check-in”. As of September this year, Foursquare had reported over 2.5 billion check-ins worldwide. That’s no insignificant amount of visitors searching and going to local venues and no small figure to overlook when thinking about your local online marketing. Foursquare shares and saves the places you visit, allows you to add tips and photos on venues and also suggests other local places you may be interested in. If you’re not sure of the best local restaurant in a new town, Foursquare will map out where the local ones are and show you tips from other visitors.

Foursquare can easily get addictive as users are rewarded for checking in with points and Mayorships. If you are the one who happens to have checked in at a certain place most within the last 60 days, you are awarded the title of “Mayor” of that venue. I am currently Mayor(ess) of the local swimming pool, various shops on the local high street in Haywards Heath including Santander, Jojo Maman Bebe and The Orchards, and perhaps most prestigious of all, the Sainsburys Local. (The fellow Foursquarer I ousted as Mayor has since tweeted me @alanaburton to let me know the battle is on!) Badges are also rewarded for checking in at certain types of venue, a certain number of times or even just in certain cities.

What about Foursquare for business?

Foursquare can be a useful tool for your business as it allows further interaction and chances to engage with your existing and potential customer base. If your business is listed on Foursquare and you show up in the local search results to a user, it can only be a good thing from your point of view as it gets you out there more, it tells visitors exactly where you are and hopefully gives them some good tips! I’ve ordered something specific on a menu as a fellow Foursquare user had recommended it having eaten it just 2 days before.

Why now?

Whereas previously Foursquare search results could only be seen by Foursquare users, this week Foursquare opened up its PC home page to all users, not just logged in users. This move to expand the Explore feature gives Foursquare a lot more power to take on other bigger rivals in the local space such as Google and Yelp (although Yelp is less well known in the UK than Foursquare is in my opinion). Clearly, as Foursquare gets bigger and bigger, which inevitably it will do, being found in the local searches becomes more crucial to local businesses who will then want to be found at the top of those results.

Is it just a passing fad or should I get in there now?

In my opinion, Facebook check-ins are a bit gimmicky, I see them as just a way to see which sibling is at the cinema or whether a friend really did go down to Brighton for the weekend. More often than not I don’t really care that so-and-so is wherever he is so I don’t check them often. To me, Facebook check-ins are used more by my 300 or so “friends” to just let everyone know where they are, there’s no real benefit to me knowing this as we’re all pretty spread out so there’s no “local” element for me personally. Foursquare on the other hand, I dig. While I realise that no one (probably) really cares that I am Mayor of the Sainsburys local, there is value in it for me – I leave comments on what I recommend from the local coffee shop (the hot chocolate in the Bay Tree BTW), just as I check the comments before I order in there. In the States there is much more use of Foursquare as a way to entice visitors in with venues offering deals to the current Mayor. You’ll often find the local coffee shop will offer a free cup of coffee to the current Mayor as a way of enticing constant new check-ins. They’ve given a free cup of coffee, the Mayor is happy with that and adds a nice comment and the coffee shop constantly gets new check-ins thus improving its placement in the searches. Everyone’s happy. I hope this catches on more here.

Get my business to the top of Foursquare

So apart from constant check-ins, how else can I get my business to the top of Foursquare? If your business allows, get a Foursquare check-in sticker put up in full view, encourage people to check-in and also “like” (in the same way as Facebook) your business, encourage tips and user photos, keep your contact info up to date and think about potential offers you can use. Encourage loyalty. Get local. Think about what you’d like to see on Foursquare, be creative, and let your visitors flow.

And don’t steal my Mayorship of the Sainsburys Local, you never know, they might start offering free muffins to the current Mayor.

Get Foursquaring

If you want to know more about getting your business found locally, get in touch with Artemis Internet Marketing, find us on Foursquare if you’re in the Haywards Heath area or give us a call on 01444 255 152 for a no-nonsense chat. You’ll only get the special Artemis Foursquare Mayor treatment if you “get local and check-in at our office though.