Apr 16

Desktop Searching At An All-Time High

It has just been announced that desktop searching hit an all-time high in March this year, amid a deluge of reports alleging that mobile search is the way forward and that desktop searching is becoming a less attractive option in 2013. Well, statistics seem to suggest otherwise. Desktop searching actually increased 11 per cent from […]

Apr 11

Join Artemis on Social Media

Many companies now find that having a social networking presence is a crucial part of their online marketing campaign. It allows customers to get to know your brand, give feedback directly and establish a relationship with your company. Furthermore, it gets your name out there and it provides another platform for you to show off […]

Apr 09

Does Your SEO Company Walk the Walk?

At Artemis, we believe it’s important to practice what you preach. That’s why we’re proud to rank first on Google for our main keyword, ‘SEO Sussex’. In fact, click the image below to see us filling both top slots! Would you trust an SEO company who can’t get their own website into Google’s coveted #1 […]

Apr 05

Why Ranking Reports are Useful

I read a column today saying that SEO ranking reports are effectively useless. These reports show how well your site is faring compared to its competitors for a selection of keywords. If you own a gardening company in Sussex, where do you appear in the Google results for ‘gardening company Sussex’ as opposed to ‘garden […]

Apr 03

Mythbusting: Debunking Toxic SEO Misconceptions

The world of SEO can be pretty mystifying if you’ve never had any dealings with it, and there are lots of misconceptions about what does and doesn’t help search engines find your website. Today I’m going to debunk some of the most commonly held myths about SEO which could be poisoning your site. MYTH: Link-swapping […]

Apr 02

How has SEO changed over the years?

As the newest member of the Artemis team, I’ve been looking into the ways SEO has changed over time. SEO is obviously an incredibly fast-paced area, and if you’re not on the ball, you’ll miss out on all these changes and start to lag behind. Google doesn’t wait for anyone, so it’s interesting to see […]

Mar 28

The Growing Importance of Voice Search

More and more websites are trying to exploit the use of voice technology in their search processes now, and CheapAir.com have tried to do exactly this. The idea is that you ask the program what you want to search for and it will match this up to its built-in vocabulary and perform the search for […]

Mar 26

Google Becoming Less and Less Tolerant of Spammy Backlinks

A report last week found that Google’s infamous Penguin algorithm is becoming stricter over time. For a long time we’ve known how updates to Penguin can cause a site’s rankings to plummet if the backlink profile has clearly been gamed and initially it would penalise sites where 80% of the inbound links were less than […]

Mar 14

Panda Is Back For The Weekend

Webmasters all over the world, whether they feel they’ve done something borderline or not with their websites, will be holding their breath a little as Google’s Panda algorithm is making a comeback this weekend. Comments made by Matt Cutts, who heads the webspam team at Google, suggested that this Friday (15th of March) the Panda […]

Mar 04

Google invites us to understand its work

Google recently offered up a rather attractive interactive infographic to try and explain the mechanics of online search to the layman. You can see it here and it’s well worth a look. Whilst there are no specifics on the technical side of Google’s complex ranking algorithm it does have some great stats and what I […]