Jan 26

Google Showing Just 3 Organic Results

Well, there I was doing a search for “Barcelona airport car hire” for a trip that I’m arranging and I was quite surprised to discover that the results showed just three results!  I’m used to Google showing just six or seven results but never three.   It looks like, if anything, they are introducing even […]

Jan 25

Customer reviews for our Sussex SEO services

Thank you to our lovely clients who have written such nice things about us on Free Index this week. If you’re struggling to achieve the results you want or you’re frustrated by the lack of feedback and reporting from your current online marketing company then get in touch with the Sussex SEO experts.

Jan 15
Jan 10

How NOT to rank your site in Google

We were asked today by a company referred to us by one of our IT partners to help get their site ranking for a range of competitive keywords, none of which they were coming up for. In fact so bad was their current non-existent SEO that their business wouldn’t even appear when searching in Google […]

Jan 07

Query Level Duplicate Content – The Solution

Having unique content and a good link profile are the two main essentials for getting decent search engine rankings. But what happens if Google interprets your content as not totally unique? There are three ways of looking at duplicate content: A: Identical content on different websites B: Identical content on different websites but with the […]

Dec 20

Christmas search traffic

It’s the festive season and that means gifts and guzzling galore, with a well deserved few days respite from the working week. But does Google sleep? Of course not. The big G is busy entertaining queries from across the globe every second of every day and Christmas time is no exception. But what are people […]

Dec 11

Launching a new telecomms website this week

After a couple of months of solid work and undoing the complete mess the previous web company made we are almost ready to launch the brand new website for our goof friends at Overline. This is a real life example of why if you’re going to change your website it really really makes sense to […]

Nov 23

OK, OK, so you want an idea of how much web video costs

That, of course, is the million dollar question! So, maybe you read my last blog “Did you know that by 2013, 90% of all website traffic will be generated by video?”In that I tried to explain that a) making a decent video that works well for your company is a complicated business and b) that […]

Nov 13
Nov 12

How Much Does SEO Cost?

Every Monday it’s the same, we get enquiries on the phone and via the website asking about potentially engaging Artemis’ services, which is great, but there is always one person who wants to know a precise figure as to exactly how much an SEO campaign is going to cost. And what can you say to […]