Nov 08

Another happy Surrey SEO client

We have been working with a great local family run Kitchen Company since the start of August, they’ve had a website for years but mainly as an online brochure rather than a sales enquiry generator. We have been working hard to get maximum coverage for the areas they cover and introducing social media and setting […]

Nov 01

Foursquare As A Local Search Engine

Hands up if you’ve seen this before? Look familiar? We bet it does! Foursquare has been around for a bit now but if you’re suddenly seeing a lot more info, stickers in shops and general news and talk about it, the app coming up on your “suggested apps” or on your iPhone Genius lists, it’s […]

Oct 24

The changing face of linkbuilding

I’ve blogged before about Google’s algorithmic evolution and how the search giant is constantly making adjustments to the way in which it ranks and rates a site. It’s a fundamental reason for the big G’s sustained success and the reason we Google subjects we want to search for rather than Bing or Yahoo them. The […]

Oct 17

Google’s New Disavow Link Tool Is Finally Here

In the old days Google used to state in their webmaster guidelines that “there is nothing anyone can do to harm the rankings of your website”. After many years and realising that that was a complete load of rubbish, they changed it to something like “there is practically nothing anyone can do to harm the rankings […]

Oct 11
Oct 10

Standing out in a crowd

New research from has revealed the latest statistics showing the relative worth of each position on a search engine’s front page of results for any given search term. Unsurprisingly ranking number one takes the lion’s share of all clicks, with 53% of people heading straight for the very first organic result. After this there […]

Oct 06

The Penguin Strikes Back

Weather report: Penguin data refresh coming today. 0.3% of English queries noticeably affected. Details: — Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) October 5, 2012 Does this man never sleep and why always Friday to launch such “life-changing” updates? Google is beginning to mess up every webmaster’s weekend. If you don’t know yet, Google unleashed the latest update […]

Oct 04

Google's not so cuddly Panda strikes again

Google struck an almighty blow at webmasters everywhere last week when they unleashed their “oh my god what are you doing” algorithm update targeting low quality EMD sites.  Mike talked about it here. The forums have since been going mental with webmasters and SEO “gurus” trying to get their heads around an update which was […]

Sep 29

Exact Match Domain Google Algorithm Update

A minor tweak to Google’s algorithm is what Matt Cutts called it last night when he tweeted about the latest Google algorithm update. We disagree at the moment we are seeing huge changes in long established search results. Matt said it would affect low quality sites with exact match domains, we are seeing far more […]

Sep 11

The difference between optimising and outwitting

There are two sides to the world of SEO. There are those of us who practice techniques designed to work with Google and there are those who are always looking at ways to pull the wool over the eyes of the big G. The former is considered to be “white hat” SEO while the latter […]