Sep 05

The importance of competent SEO over quick, cheap fixes

Would you let a bricklayer remove a tumour? No? So why would you trust your SEO and online marketing with anyone promising cheap, quick fixes? As with so many professions, the man on the street simply can’t get his head around all the aspects of a successful search marketing strategy, just as he can’t perform […]

Aug 14

Google's latest algorithm changes

Search Engine Land today reported on the changes in Google’s algorithm for the past two months. Usually the big G release their lists of changes on a monthly basis however as there was no such release in July we seem to have received a bumper update this time round. But what does this mean? Some […]

Jul 19

Most Recent Links on Google Webmaster Tools

The latest news from Google Webmaster tools is the ability to download your latest links. This announcement was made by Matt Cutts from Google via Twitter (@mattcutts) on the 18.07.12, he said “you can now download links from Google *sorted by date*. Nice. Look for Download latest links in console UI. Pass it on “ […]

Jul 18

The Panda Strikes Again

The Panda strikes again! Just before this send you into a bit of a panic, fear not, unless your website is in Japanese or Korean as these are the two languages which are being affected. According to Google’s official Twitter feed on July 18th 2012, this will affect <5% of queries and no other languages being […]

Jul 18

IT Support Horsham

Glad we could help out a client who had serious server problems yesterday by recommending 3ait a local company run by a good friend who we work with and offer very quick response times on all your Horsham IT support needs.

Jul 17

The Power of Social Media

The main aim of SEO is to drive traffic to our websites and for potential clients and customers to see what we have on offer. We have talked a lot in recent times about search engine optimisation, on page as well as off page optimisation, however, there are other way in which we can route […]

Jul 16

Off Site SEO

No wonder there have been so many books written about SEO! There are so many different things to take into account; it is not a precise science in which there is a specific formula to produce results. There are intrinsic influential factors, one has an effect on the other and so on and so forth.  As […]

Jul 12

Cookies and Websites

What are cookies? As this is an internet marketing and technology blog, I’m not about to start talking about recipes or comparing biscuits. An internet cookie is a trace of information which the site you are visiting will gather and use for a number of purposes. On large commercial sites they use them to track […]

Jul 11

Link Popularity

Remember when you were at school and every class seemed to have one really popular kid everybody wanted to be friends with? Search engines act in a bit of a similar way in which they too want to be friends with the most popular sites. Their friendship is rewarded by better ranking on searches. How […]

Jul 10

Playing Football Against Search Engines

I’m not much of a sportsperson but I really would not like to be playing football against any of the search engines, it seems to be that goalposts can be moved as and when it’s convenient to them. I’m not ranting about them as we all well know how important search engines are to our […]