Nov 04

Spanish Internet Usage

Here at Artemis we have preached for a long time that Spain’s Internet usage is on the up and although there is some way to go before the Spanish use and interact on websites the same as some other nations, it is growing at a rapid rate. A recent study by comScore in September 2010 […]

Nov 03

Quality Content

When Google write a detailed post about a subject like website content it is always worth paying close attention to what they are trying to tell us. One of their latest posts is all about quality website content and multiple websites. It is actually quite amusing as they seem to be telling us to avoid […]

Oct 27

SEO Spain

Artemis Internet Marketing has offices in Spain and the UK and are specialists in all aspects of online marketing from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) through to Paid Search and Social Media Optimisation (SMO). We have worked with a number of leading businesses in Spain and has helped them achieve significant leads and sales as a result […]