May 29

Choosing an SEO company

Continuing with the subject of how much does SEO cost, there are numerous other analogies to which one could make reference to. The cost of SEO is all in relation to your needs and to your expectations. Take for example buying a car. How much does a car cost? Simple question, yet impossible to answer […]

May 24

SEO on a Budget

How much SEO will a limited budget get me? Limited budget, depending of course on how limited, will achieve limited results, as I wrote yesterday, it is not about writing out a blank cheque, it is about being aware that for best results, SEO is not a one off process and it involves a team […]

May 23

SEO Costings

The million Dollar question! How much does SEO cost? I have written previously about how much lack of or badly done SEO will cost your business, over the coming days, I will try to dispel some myths surrounding SEO done on the cheap as well as to why it is a much harder question to […]

May 22

How much does SEO cost

SEO, Investment or Expense? The most common misconception, SEO is a cost, NO IT ISN’T – Correctly done, SEO is no more of a cost than opening a shop and making sure you have a door that opens so the public can come in and browse at your products and buy! It is no more of a […]

May 21

Be visible be profitable

Congratulations, you have paid good money for your brand new shiny website, it looks great, your products are on display, it is modern, just as you requested your designers to build it. You even have a great online store so people can spend lots of money through your site so that when you wake up […]

May 18

The SEO Elephant

What’s the best way to eat an elephant? The answer is pretty simple, little by little of course. OK, before you report me to the RSPCA for inciting any form of animal cruelty, I am an animal lover and I would never condone any form of ill-treatment towards any animal. This is a very simple […]

May 07

Our Sussex SEO team expands again

After a very busy first four months of the year and with the recent Google algorithm change now known as “penguin” (which makes linking from more varied domains even more important) we are delighted to have added a new member to our already strong content writing team. Camilla Barker is a fantastic degree educated writer […]

Apr 25

Thank God for a good Surrey IT support company

Arrgh you know what it’s like, just as you are working on some uber time critical job on your computer and the damn thing decides some of its RAM wants to give up the ghost. Fortunately we have been doing some joint work with 3ait who are a local Surrey IT Support company, RAM changed […]

Apr 24

Sussex Kitchens

Another week, another new client, this time a really great Sussex kitchens company called Rightside Kitchens, based in Findon they offer stunning quality kitchens at sensible prices and the other nice aspect is their free home kitchen design consultation. Check them out at

Apr 22

Malaga Airport Travel Guide Launches

Delighted to be working with this great new Malaga Airport travel guide website. Packed full of useful info for anyone travelling through Malaga Airport including live flight arrival and departures and a really competitive Malaga Airport car hire comparison booking engine to make sure you get the best rates possible. Shuttle services, parking and bus […]