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SEO for Caterers

Providing catering services to businesses and the public is extremely competitive and it can often be difficult to stand out from the crowd. In exactly the same way, marketing your catering firm on the web is also highly competitive. But there is a way you can stand out.

Engaging the services of a specialist SEO agency who have experience in your industry can really give you the edge when it comes to your company’s online visibility.

Artemis Internet Marketing are just such an agency.

Marketing businesses of all sizes through the web has been at the core of our business for over ten years and we know what it takes to reach your intended audience and climb the rankings in Google.

Work with SEO specialists who understand the catering industry

Whether you’re a sole trading caterer or a large catering firm with staff in multiple locations, you need to work with a company who understands the importance of strategically managed SEO campaigns. The visibility of your website on Google is often at the crux of whether your business will sink or swim. At Artemis, our team have worked on numerous campaigns for hospitality and catering companies both here in the UK and overseas too. Having worked closely with many different types of caterers, we have built up a solid base of industry knowledge which we use to inform our SEO campaigns.

Whether you’re looking to focus on weddings or private parties, commercial contracts or corporate events, we can put in place a realistic SEO plan to improve your traffic and leads.

442% increase in search visibility for Cakes by Robin

We’ve helped numerous catering firms to win contracts and secure new business online. One of our happy customers is Cakes by Robin in London. In the space of just one year, from August 2014 to August 2015, we delivered an enormous 442% increase in their search engine visibility as indicated by the infographic below:


Our campaign has delivered numerous top 3 positions on Google for popular keywords relevant to our client’s business. This has resulted in a significant increase in website traffic and a boost both to the volume and quality of enquiries they were receiving.

Read our client’s endorsement of our services

Don’t take our word for it on the results we’ve delivered. Our client has been kind enough to offer this endorsement in her own words:

Get more customers for your catering company via local search

At Artemis we understand the power of local search and we have harnessed it for the benefit of many of our clients. When people search for services using a search engine, they usually include a keyword such as “catering company” or “catering service” followed by place name such as a town or county. We help our clients to achieve maximum visibility on a local level using a multifaceted approach that includes traditional “organic” optimisation, “local pack” optimisation and PPC.

We don’t just focus on local, we have also helped our catering clients to discover and drive more traffic from niche terms pertaining to their business. This includes keywords connected to:

  • Catering for major events
  • Commercial and corporate contracts
  • Weddings and private parties
  • Office canteen catering
  • Schools and educational organisations
  • Central and regional government contracts

Speak to one of our experts about growing your business

Your choice of SEO company is a critical decision; one that will affect the growth potential of your business. Don’t risk your future and the future of your staff by placing it in the hands of those promising a quick fix, using underhand and unnatural tactics to try and artificially boost your rankings for short term gain.

At Artemis, we look at the big picture and deliver a long-term strategy to complement your ultimate business aims. Talk to us today about your business objectives and how we can assist you. Call our friendly team on: 01444 645018


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Robin Green
“I've been dealing with Artemis since Sept 2009 when they wrote a website for my brand new business. Ever since then they have been instrumental in helping me grow my turnover and now 6 years on we have thousands of visitors to our site every month, they built a new website  last year which really increased the number of enquiries we receive and we've opened our first shop in London, I firmly believe my success is down to the amazing work they've done on promoting my business these last six years. I cannot recommend Artemis highly enough to anyone who wants a professional web marketing company who get results and communicate in simple plain English that anyone can understand.”
Robin Green
Cakes by Robin

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