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Artemis Internet Marketing are Sussex and London based specialists in SEO writing, our in-house article and content writers will create expertly and professionally written articles which will generate traffic for your website from search engines. Writing articles for search engine optimisation is a specialised way or writing, it is important that the author keeps the reader entertained and informed whilst at the same time maximising the use of keywords.

Main techniques for successful article writing

We create the right balance of keyword rich SEO articles and online articles which are search engine compliant. We excel in writing in a way which attracts a wide human audience, as well as the attention of search engines, not just Google but the others such as Bing and Yahoo too.

Our SEO article writing team have been trained to the highest industry standards; we write all of our SEO articles in-house in order to maintain strict quality as to how to write articles, how to deliver them as well as to how to research each subject.

SEO writers’ tricks of the trade

Business, Industry and Product – As professional writers, we will research your business, your product and your industry in order to write compelling, accurate and interesting articles based on research and not just a wild guess of what you do.

Keyword Research – Before writing an article, it is important to establish what the correct keywords are in order to find the best key phrases for your intended pages.

Keyword density – The right balance MUST be maintained, too many keywords and it will be considered as spam, not enough keywords and your site will not benefit from it. Each client, each industry, each service is different, this is why we will tailor-make our service to suit and match your requirements and needs with each article we write for you.

Benefits of SEO article writing

Our SEO article writing department will work towards driving potential clients to land on your site when they search for products, information and services on search engines by ensuring your site has high online visibility. This will of course increase the number of leads being generated and in turn lead to increased business, all this can be achieved by professionally written articles by Artemis Internet Marketing.

The purpose of SEO written articles are to drive traffic to your website by optimising the use of keywords, there is a fine balance between the maximum number of keywords and an article which looks spammy. By utilising this fine balance to its full potential we can entice potential clients to your site based on their search terms. What are clients within your industry looking for? What terms are they typing into search engines?

Why use Artemis Internet Marketing for your articles?

When it comes to SEO article writing we stand out from the crowd. Finding someone to write articles or content is not too hard to find, there are a number of decent ones out there, however; finding great writers with a great track record and experience is much, much harder to do. This is why we maintain everything in-house as our writers receive all the support they need as well as having passed a rigorous interview process before being offered the position within the company, only by working in this way and carefully recruiting in this way, we have over the years built an enviable and exclusive team of writers looking forward to assisting in enabling your site to be at the top of search engines.

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