List Management

At the core of any successful Email Marketing campaign lies impeccable contact management.

It doesn’t matter how engaging your marketing materials may be if you’re not getting them to the right people then you are literally throwing away money and also risking your valuable data unsubscribing from your lists and this is why our full contact list management solution is an essential tool for anyone who’s serious about Email Marketing.


Segment Your Data To Turbo Charge Your Email Results

Imagine knowing the groups and demographics every one of your contacts fell into, which ones were going to respond to your emails and which were diluting the value of your list by never engaging. All of this is possible and we’d love to show you how.

By organising and analysing your contact list Artemis can help to tailor the email campaigns you’re running, helping you achieve greater levels of engagement that ultimately help to drive sales. It’s all part of the service when you engage with Artemis so why not get in touch today for a full demonstration.

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Jon Clayson
“We, at Hunters Estate Agents, moved across to Artemis for all of our SEO and PPC management at the beginning of 2015 and already the results have been excellent. Constant management and advice isn't something I was used to experiencing but I now have a better understanding of this mythical language and we are thoroughly enjoying the results we have had as a result. I can highly recommend their services for anyone looking for an honest and professional internet marketing company.
Jon Clayson
Hunters Estate Agents

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