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Paid Media is more than just selecting keywords to bid on. In today’s world, the primary focus must be directed at your target audience. Understanding your audience and tailoring your campaigns to suit is paramount for a successful campaign.

This focus alongside a granular approach to your campaign set-up ensures that we can optimise your account and get the very best results for your budget.

With PPC being very easy to measure and track, we can monitor your return on investment very closely and make data led decisions instantly to optimise performance.

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Premier Google PPC Partner

Google Partner

We’ve always worked hard to stay ahead of the competition by keeping up with the latest trends. We also have access to exclusive beta testing and industry insights due to our fantastic relationship with Google as an official Premier Google Partner as well as years of experience with Microsoft Advertising formerly Bing Ads.

Account Auditing

If you have an existing Paid Media account and you think it could be performing better than it is, just let us know. Our team of qualified experts would love to take a look at your account and provide you with constructive feedback. The initial analysis of your account will inform the recommendations we will make for your Paid Media strategy, should we win your business.

Here at Artemis Internet Marketing, the Paid Media team has a vast amount of experience with clients across all industry sectors, and from large national brands down to SMEs.

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Paid Search Management

The Paid Search landscape is an ever-changing environment where staying on top of the latest updates is crucial to ensure your campaigns are able to perform to the best of their ability. Luckily for you, our team of experts is always ahead of the game.

We spend a great deal of time getting to know your business and your target audience(s). This allows us to devise effective Paid Media campaigns that stand the best chance of success. We establish your goals and create Paid Media strategies that are tailored to your budget, industry, audience and goals.

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Paid Media Consultancy

Do you know a bit about Paid Media? Have an internal team? But need some consultancy? No problem at all. We are more than happy to work with our clients on a consultancy basis.

We can identify issues or opportunities within your campaigns and relay this back to you or your team for implementation. Think of us as an extension to your business or existing team. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your campaigns are as successful as they can be.

We’ll be on hand to answer any questions, from bidding strategies to whole account strategies.

Display / Remarketing

The power of Display Marketing is often overlooked. Whilst these campaigns do not look good on a monthly report due to the fact that they rarely lead to last click conversions, they can actually be very successful campaigns.

Using Google Ads you can target specific websites for your banners to appear on, but you can also set up custom audiences within Google Analytics for remarketing to past site visitors. The introduction of Customer Match means you can now remarket to your email database too.

Delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time is imperative for any successful business, and setting up Display and Remarketing campaigns can be critical in helping you achieve this.

e-Commerce / Google Shopping

Gone are the days of free shopping listings on Google! Shopping campaigns aka Product Listing Ads can be extremely profitable when set up and run properly (and always assuming that your prices are competitive!)

Shopping campaigns can be quite complex – there’s the data feed for a start – but no need for you to worry. Our team of experts know how it all works.

We often come across customers who have the same bid for all their products. While this allows you to get your listings up and running quickly, we would not advise this as a way to run a profitable Shopping campaign.

Paid Social

Paid Social can be extremely effective if set up and measured in the correct way. Don’t be fooled by looking solely at last click conversions which will most likely deem your Paid Social campaigns ineffective.

At Artemis Internet Marketing, we are experienced in setting up and managing Paid Social campaigns across many networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

With a mindset of getting your message in front of your target audience at the right time, targeting social media platforms has to be an obvious choice.

Our Process…


1 – Auditing

We analyse your current campaigns and outline any issues – covering everything from account structure, campaign setting to missed opportunities. Our findings here inform our plan moving forward.

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2 – Research & Planning

We will spend some additional time researching your sector and target market, analysing your competitors’ activities and planning how we will take your account forward.


3 – Implementation

Once we have agreed upon a plan, we will start implementing these changes. Some changes will require a phased approach, others (which we consider to be ‘Quick Wins’) can be implemented instantly.

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4 – Optimisation

Optimisation is key to running an effective campaign. Gone are the days of setting up a campaign and just leaving it to run. We make optimisations throughout the month down to £0.01p keyword bid changes, if that’s what your account requires!

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5 – Testing, Analysing & Refining

Here at Artemis Internet Marketing, we love to run tests. Our aim is to get the most out of your budget and this requires testing, so whether its ad copy testing or full on landing page testing, we’ll make sure we are refining your campaigns to achieve the best possible results.

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6 – Reporting

Our monthly reports allow you to track progress. We will present you with the latest key metrics alongside an executive summary of the data, a list of tasks carried out in the previous month and some planned tasks for the coming month.

Case Studies



Lead Gen B2B

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  • CTR up 20%
  • Time On site up 92%
  • Impression Share up 46%
  • Conv rate up 120%

Golf Swing Systems



Up arrow
  • Revenue up 10%
  • Costs down 15%
  • Return On Ad Spend up 292%
  • Cost per conversion down 38%

Compass Pools


Lead Gen B2C

Up arrow
  • CTR up 170%
  • Conversions up 67%
  • CPA down 37%
  • Cost down 5%
Coop Travel
Balcombe Estate
Apple Clean
Bloo House

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