Generating Leads from Facebook

Boasting nearly 2 billion users, Facebook cannot be ignored as an advertising platform, especially given the targeting options available to advertisers.

From boosting posts to creating specifically targeted ads, Facebook offers a variety of options for advertisers to push their messages in front of potentially millions of users every day.

However, it is easy to waste an advertising budget very quickly if the ads aren’t targeted to the most effective likely audience.  Artemis has a wealth of experience in setting up, running, monitoring and refining ad campaigns on Facebook.  We can help you truly leverage the power of this enormous platform of users.

Why Advertise on Facebook

Facebook Advertising

Facebook isn’t just a place to socialise online, it’s now an important part of many PPC campaigns.  Their advertising platform works in a similar way to Google Ads which means it’s a very affordable way to get directly in front of your target audience.  Bear in mind too that people of all ages are using Facebook now, it’s no longer confined to a young demographic of users.  In fact, there are now over 33 million Facebook users in the UK alone and 25 million businesses have active Facebook pages.  No wonder the platform has more than 1 million advertisers… a number that is steadily rising.

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Who is Facebook Right For?

Advertising on Facebook is a great tool for targeting your customer base, because as long as we know who your key audience are by age, gender, interests, location etc we can help you communicate with them.

We can also manage your page and create the posts for your business with a little input from you such as information on giveaways, blogs, free trials, product photography.  Social media is wonderful asset to the marketing activity of any business, but it is time consuming and we find many of our clients are hard pushed to manage their feeds as well as get on with their day job.

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How We Target and Optimise Campaigns on Facebook



Focus on those Facebook users who are within your specific target geographical area.


Males and females respond differently to different messages and so we test them on your behalf.


Again we test different age ranges to ensure your advert is laser targeted.



Trialling multiple images allows us to move forward with the most effective visual.


Individuals’ usage and shared personal information is used to target ad sets to relevant audiences.

News Feed

Get the best results from ads that have performed well.



Users’ behaviour is captured and understood to reveal your ideal target audience.


Your competition’s Facebook audience used as a target.


Extend your advert’s reach to individuals whose profile suggests they’d be interesting in learning more about your business.


Why a Facebook Agency

We manage over £10 million each year on Paid Search Activity for all types of businesses. Our Facebook spend is growing each day as businesses see the potential right at this moment.

Our experience in paid advertising ensures the right strategy is set up and executed to then understand what targeting and optimisation works best for you to deliver leads at the lowest cost..

As a Facebook preferred agency we have access to latest new releases to keep you ahead of your competition.

We test multiple images and copy against all ages to find the winning campaigns.


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