A reading revolution – Could this be how we digest content in the future?

Have you ever wondered why it takes some people a couple of days to finish a book or how people are able to scroll through pages of content in an instant and take every single detail onboard?

It might be because they’ve been using “Spritz”. Spritz is an online company that are currently studying the potential of modern technology with a view to improving our ability to read and communicate.


The Boston based start-up is currently offering a text streaming feature on their website that gives us an idea of what the human eye is capable of when it comes to reading.

This innovative form of technology could make reading difficulties a thing of the past, especially by integrating it with operating systems, handheld devices, applications and possibly even wearable technology.

With content becoming such an important part of internet marketing, could our ability to read somehow increase the demand for content and make it an even more important aspect of how we advertise online?

Spritz is claiming on their website that the “page” is now no longer needed as the streaming of text is simply a whole lot more efficient. Maybe it’s not down to the length of content but how it’s delivered instead. We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on this one here at Artemis…

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