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Our business model is based on honesty and transparency

Corporate social responsibility is something that has grown organically and naturally in our business because it defines who we are. We have built our reputation on openness and accountability. We care deeply about what we do. We want our clients to love what we do too. At Artemis we believe in our people. We care about our footprint and the impact we have on the environment and the community around us. Individually and collectively we know we can make a difference. We strive to succeed and always with a good heart.

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Our people are fantastically brilliant

We value the people who work for us and we are committed to supporting them in career progression and personal development. We offer regular training and encourage and support employees to achieve their personal development goals.

We understand that productivity and the high quality of our work is the direct result of happy committed employees, which we foster through a range of employee engagement initiatives.

We encourage cross-team projects to improve our services and streamline the way we work. We absolutely want to hear our employees’ ideas. They are what make our product offering and the way we do business better and better.

Our culture is pretty good too

We work hard. We work as a team. We believe in supporting each other. We view problems as an opportunity for solutions. We celebrate diversity. Above all we work with honesty, integrity and respect. We are passionate about equality. We also like to have fun. Our team away days are pretty awesome.

We are committed to wellbeing at work and offer heavily subsidised gym membership at local health club and spa, Wickwoods. We listen to our employees’ concerns and support them as much as we can. We are open to flexible working arrangements to support employees to always achieve their potential.

At Artemis we care about the environment

Our office is in the countryside

We are fully committed to recycling. We are also a virtually paperless office. In addition, we believe in ethical purchasing so all of our bathroom and kitchen products are Fairtrade and Eco.

We operate plastic-free Friday in the office to increase awareness of the horrible effects of plastic pollution on wildlife and the environment. We are very lucky to be working in office space in the beautiful Sussex countryside, which we
value immensely.

We are working towards becoming a carbon neutral business.

We are a socially responsible business committed to supporting the community and the world around us. That’s why we have partnered with local charity, Kangaroos who run fun clubs and activities for children and young adults with learning disabilities in Mid Sussex.

We have helped Kangaroos through our professional services (we’ve carried out an audit of their website and given them heaps of advice on how to improve their digital reach), and we’ve supported them through a range of fundraising activities, including the

We believe in doing the right thing

Haywards Heath Bike Ride in which 12 of the Artemis Team were able to raise a whopping £5,448. We also provided the charity with a printed banner and entered a team in the Kangaroos’ annual Golf tournament at Mid Sussex Golf Club and won the cup!

We believe in supporting local businesses, so we’ll always source what we need locally where possible. Our bi-weekly fruit delivery comes from a local family-run mobile fresh fruit and veg delivery company. We think we’ve got a pretty good bunch of thoughtful people here.

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