Jun 01

SEO Insights – May 2021 Report

  May is a big month for Google. Their annual developer conference, Google I/O, takes place in California. Industry leaders around the world wait in anticipation for the latest Google updates. It is great to see how current products and services are evolving and what is up and coming over the next 12 months. So, […]

May 20

Artemis Goes Green With the Electric Car Scheme

Artemis Goes Green

As a part of our ongoing commitment to improving our corporate social responsibility, Artemis is taking part in the Electric Car Scheme. Artemis has been taking steps to become a more environmentally conscious company, and this is something we are taking very seriously. The Electric Car Scheme offers a fantastic opportunity for us to encourage […]

May 05

Artemis Marketing to Renew Sponsorship of Hurstpierpoint FC

Renewed Sponsorship

Corporate social responsibility is something we take very seriously at Artemis. Our business model is based upon supporting local businesses, and this extends beyond the services we offer. That being said, Artemis is delighted to announce that we have renewed our sponsorship of our local football team, Hurstpierpoint FC for the 2021/22 season! The Story […]

May 04

SEO Insights – April 2021 Report

SEO Insights – April 2021 Report

  Search engine news in April was, yet again, mostly focused around the page experience update. Here’s what’s new… Page Experience Update Delayed After all the hype with the imminent launch of the Page Experience Update, the metrics for which are scheduled to be a (minor) ranking factor, Google announced that they would be delaying […]

Apr 23

The Importance of Managed Hosting for Small Businesses

With brick-and-mortar retail shops being forced to close, the coronavirus pandemic has encouraged a wave of small businesses to turn their attention online and many have been launching new websites. Unfortunately, lots of small-business owners are unaware of the security risks they are exposing themselves to if they do not invest in a proper managed […]

Apr 01

SEO Insights – March 2021 Report

SEO Insights - March 2021 Report

  March was a relatively quiet month for search engine news but there were a couple of interesting new developments which are worth digging into a little deeper. Zero-Click Searches Over the years we’ve seen an increase in what are known as “zero-click searches”. These are searches on Google where the user does not click […]

Mar 29

Five Ways to Give Your Branding a Spring Clean

5 Ways to Give Your Branding a Spring clean

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns have been extremely tough on businesses in all industries. Those that have managed to keep their head above water have almost certainly lived through an extremely volatile marketplace and faced challenges that they never expected. However, there is hope on the horizon. Restrictions […]

Mar 01

SEO Insights – February 2021 Report

SEO Insights - February 2021 Report

February has been a fairly quiet month with no major updates from a SEO perspective. There is no rest however, as we have to continue constantly improving and adapting websites to better match user search intent and keep on top of Google’s constantly evolving algorithm. In contrast, the big news of the UK’s roadmap out […]

Feb 08

Why Does Page Speed Matter?

Why Does Page Speed Matter?

What’s a simple way to rank higher on Google, get more people onto your site, increase conversions, and improve user experience? Increasing your page speed. Yes, it’s not hard to understand why page speed has become a really significant factor for websites in recent years. It is championed as vital by SEOs, web designers, UX […]

Feb 01

SEO Insights – January 2021 Report

SEO Insights

Following the disruptive Core Update that Google rolled out in December, January was a relatively quiet month for search updates and if anything, we saw a slight rollback to the Core Update. This is quite typical behaviour from Google that we’ve witnessed over the years; legitimately good websites and pages can often be adversely affected […]