A Right Royal Digital Marketing Campaign

With the arrival of the Royal Baby imminent (our money is on Baby Artemis), we’re getting all regal with our thoughts on digital marketing. We’ve been thinking about the Royal Family and what it takes to be a great British monarch, and as it happens, a lot of the same principles apply to the way we should approach our internet marketing strategies.



Now, this may seem odd, considering how rapidly the SEO industry changes. But really, it’s all about finding what works and sticking with it. It also relates to the type of SEO company you should opt for. This doesn’t mean that every young, fledgling company is a risk, but when you have a long-established company who has seen the way the industry moves and has a proven track record for delivering top results, you’re more likely to stand a chance of success.


This is all about not using underhand tactics. At Artemis, we never do anything that will undermine the integrity of your site, and we don’t do anything that puts you into a ‘bad link neighbourhood’. We use honest strategies, and we know they work. You might find other companies offering you everything we do for £50 a month. The reality is that they just won’t be using honourable techniques, and ultimately this will end up damaging your site.


Sometimes, it’s about trying something new. SEO is about always being onto the next big thing, whether that’s a new social networking site, a new way to monitor online conversations about your industry or a new way to build links to your site. It’s important to strike the balance between doing what works and striving to do something new and being pioneers. We’re not saying we’re joining the Armed Forces with William and Harry in a hurry, but we are always brave enough to try new things to give you the best possible internet marketing campaign.

We don’t know yet whether the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a little prince or a princess. But what we do know is that Artemis is king of the SEO realm, and we’re the jewel in the crown of digital marketing. So, if you want your online empire to coincide with the birth of the new monarch, get in touch today to find out how we can help you take the throne in the search engine #1 spot.