Artemis Speeds into the Fibre Optic Age

Yesterday, Artemis HQ was rigged up with superfast BT Infinity internet. Our offices use a VoIP phone system, so it’s extremely important that we have a top upload speed so that we get the best call quality possible. With an office in Spain and clients popping up internationally, it is important to us that we’re connected globally, and with speeds like this, we don’t think this will be a problem at all:

Artemis gets itself high speed fibre optic internet


As you can see, our down speeds were running above average anyway, but check out our fantastic new speed as of yesterday lunchtime:

Artemis' new fibre optic download speed

And of course, the all-important up speed is looking pretty impressive too:

High speed fibre optic upload speed

We spoke to Justin in the Spanish office on Skype to try out our new internet and it went down a treat.

We’re committed to giving our clients the best possible experience, and we’re more than happy to do whatever it takes to do so. New offices, new phone system, new internet, whatever could be next for us…