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Five key takeaways from BrightonSEO 2019

A number of the Artemis team attended BrightonSEO on April 12th 2019 and came away with a number of fascinating insights into the trends surrounding the industry. Here, Account Director, Tom Hart, provides his five key takeaways from the conference.

Brighton SEO

1. You can’t ‘do’ SEO without using developers

Unless you are an incredibly technical SEO, you cannot work successfully on a website without the help of a developer. And not just any developer, it has to be a developer who understands what you need and can implement it without causing any issues to the site.

Polly Pospelova’s talk on trying to hit a 100% Lighthouse report score really drove this home.  The recommendations that come out of a Lighthouse report are not ones that your average SEO will be able to handle.  So, having a developer on hand to make those changes isn’t just a nice to have it is necessary in order to be proficient at SEO in 2019.

2. Leads can come from anywhere

Gregg Gifford who always delivers high energy, relevant and insightful talks, was again on point. Those of you who have seen him speak before will know he isn’t somebody you want to miss.

Along with being a great speaker he really knows his stuff and there are invariably going to be takeaways from his talks that you didn’t necessarily realise before. He showed how 40% of the questions in the Q&A area on one of his clients GMB pages were actually leads. With such a high percentage of leads coming from this avenue it is vital to make sure these are being tracked and dealt with.

3. The takeover of voice search

Is voice search actually taking over?  There seemed to be very little mention of voice search in the talks I was present in. This might be slightly surprising given the figures that are banded around when people want to argue about voice search.

Maybe it wasn’t mentioned because people are still not sure how to optimise for it. Maybe the traffic you get from voice search has little value in terms of conversions. Or maybe it just isn’t growing at the rate we are led to believe. In John Mueller’s keynote session he was indicating that a lot of voice searches are still very simplistic or even commands to your device, ‘what is the time’, ‘play Spotify’ or ‘what is the weather forecast’.  It seems we may still be some way from a full-blown voice search generation.

Talk at BrightonSEO

4. Where were the mentions of mobile?

While with voice search I can understand why it wasn’t really mentioned, but are people really still ignoring mobile? A lot of slides that I saw just gave examples of websites on desktop screens even now when we so clearly live in a mobile-first world.

Anybody not taking mobile search seriously isn’t taking SEO seriously.  It doesn’t matter if you still get the majority of your traffic through desktop it is the mobile version of your website that you need to concentrate on.

5. John Mueller is a black belt in giving nothing away

Last year’s keynote session with John Mueller was a procession of inane questions that he could quite easily bat away without revealing anything. Somebody even asked is Google male or female. You have somebody who works in the inner sanctums of Google, is that really the best question to ask him!?

This year was far better and the questions that were put to him far more insightful and probing. There were numerous silences where you could see John didn’t immediately know how to answer. And while he maybe expected the questions, Hannah Smith did a great job of not letting him off the hook too easily. He did however, with great skill and poise, manage to say a lot, but reveal very little.


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My First Year at Artemis

Account Director Tom Hart: My First Year at Artemis

Account Director Tom Hart has had an exciting first year at Artemis. In this blog he shares his experiences and thoughts from working at the company:

Artemis yachting day

Since joining Artemis just over a year ago I thought it was a good time to look back and reflect on my time here so far.

There are some clever people out there

My previous roles have been full of great people who give everything to make the job and the company a success. At Artemis we have a company full of that but also some insanely clever people.  And surrounding yourself with people like this can only help. I learn more in half an hour of watching our Technical Director work than I possibly could reading any SEO books.

Never stop learning

One of the things I enjoy most is that SEO it always evolving and never stands still. Every day Google is tweaking and refining the algorithms that determine search results meaning if you stop learning you get left behind, quickly. Of course, Google engineers will never reveal, and in the modern world of AI, perhaps don’t even know, how to make a website rank well. So, you have to take it upon yourself to do everything you can to keep up to date with how search engines are evolving.

Kangaroos Charity Golf Day - Tom Hart 3

Working for a good company

As a company we sponsor Kangaroos, a local charity who do fantastic work with local children who have learning difficulties. We have done various events through the year which has helped them raise a great amount of money which allows them to keep delivering the invaluable opportunities and days out for the local children. So far, we have taken part in a bike ride (25 miles almost broke me), a golf day (which I won and made paper, casual) and a picnic and cake sale (thoroughly enjoyable).

Take every opportunity you can

If a company is willing to invest in you and help you excel take it, both as a person and an employee.  At Artemis we want all our staff to push themselves and succeed, so training sessions and business coaching is a regular thing. Both external and internal training takes place regularly. Pretty much the whole office now has their own personal websites that have built from scratch with the help of the technical team.

Kangaroos - Team Artemis