Bing releases most popular searches of 2013 – Who’s made it?

Bing has revealed its most searched items for 2013, with all sorts of topics brought into question. It’s been an excellent 2013 for Beyonce as she sits at the top of the tree for most searched person of the year, whilst Facebook remains the most searched social media site and Xbox the highest electronic system on the list. This could be a sign that many more searchers are taking to Bing and making the most of its connections with social media websites. Here’s a detailed analysis of the most popular searches of 2013.


The majority of individuals searched are your typical star name, with Beyonce taking the crown this year.  Rihanna moved up a place from fourth to third, whilst Barack Obama featured in the list again this year in tenth, unlike last year where he didn’t make the list at all. The presence of so many musical role models gives us the impression that Bing has managed to be successful when it comes to attracting the usage of younger searchers, with people having confidence in Bing to give them the information they need about specific individuals, from the latest news to the last minute tickets for their shows.

Social media searches are of little surprise with Facebook leading the way. Facebook has integrated with Bing and developed a working partnership, although this is not likely the reason for Facebook’s continued dominance at the top of the social media charts. Interestingly, Twitter sits below Pinterest in third, even though they have also integrated with Bing in the past year. Meanwhile, Google+ sits in tenth on Bing’s most popular searches list.

Entertainment systems were always going to thrive in search this year with the release of the latest major consoles. Xbox are way ahead of Playstation it seems however, as they sit in first place whilst the Sony-based platform lies in seventh. This could simply be down to the fact that Bing is a Microsoft creation as well as Xbox. In additional searches, the royal baby was top of the events list on Bing, with Syria and oil prices also getting a mention.

All in all, it seems Bing are providing the information that people want to see, though the only notable outcome of these lists is Sony’s Playstation so far below Xbox. Bing may have to do a bit more to attract gamers and techies over to their side next year.

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