BrightonSEO 13/09/13

On Friday, Kristian and I took ourselves off to BrightonSEO, an extremely popular conference for SEO, social media and techy types to network and attend seminars about different things relating to the industry. This was a sold out event, and after arriving bright and early at 9am it filled up very quickly with eager beavers wanting to find out more about SEO from the experts.

There were lots of stands dotted around Brighton Dome with companies showcasing their software and services, from recruitment agencies to companies with some very impressive looking analytics programs and many more. There were three spaces for the seminars, all of which attracted huge names from the SEO and social media industries.

The highlight for me was the social seminar which had inspiring speakers from Twitter, Google+ and Moz. The Twitter presentation in particular gave attendees an insightful look at what drives Twitter ‘moments’, such as big global sports events (Andy Murray winning Wimbledon saw a surge of millions of tweets) and daily and weekly trends, such as the predictable spikes in tweets about shopping and running throughout the week. This is obviously very useful for us social media enthusiasts to help us better target our posts!

The other interesting part was the talk from Moz. I won’t say too much, but I now have lots of new tools to play around with to monitor our social media activity – besides, I love statistics and I can’t wait to analyse all sorts of things about our followers on a variety of platforms.

Other seminars included technical talks about crawling and monitoring the SERPs, along with talks from creatives, hardcore SEO enthusiasts and those with a specific interest in keywords, linkbuilding, analytics… the list goes on!

All in all, it was a useful day, and if you didn’t keep up with our livetweeting on the day, check out the #BrightonSEO hashtags on the @artemis_seo account now!