Can older sites continue to rank well in Google?

Matt Cutts has been responding to questions regarding older sites this week, with the highlight of his latest video being the fact that older sites tend not to retain their rank in Google forever.



Cutts was quick to explain that whilst having a site that’s well over 10 years old still ranking in Google, there are a number of reasons as to why it could potentially disappear off the map at some stage in the future.

Many sites that are around 15-20 years old are well maintained in order to sustain a healthy rank in Google, whilst many of them decide to keep their original design templates. This lack of improvement from some websites means that they could get left behind with regards to the latest design trends and user attractions.

Cutts emphasised the importance of maintaining a “fresh” approach with your site as you can then regularly upgrade and improve it so that it fulfils its potential.

The idea of integrating new features to a site is extremely important when it comes to ranking in Google. This could be anything from tweaking a few inaccuracies to entirely updating your content.

Content should be regularly updated as this helps you to stay competitive in the market. Cutts emphasises the fact that there are no guarantees for a site that does well in the past to maintain its success in the future.

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