Case Studies 2013

Case Studies Front Cover

As another fantastic year passes Artemis celebrates in the success of our clients. We have assembled a small case study document explaining what we’ve achieved here.

We’re also lucky enough to have just received another fantastic review from another one of our clients on our FreeIndex page.

“We approached Artemis in June this year having had several awful experiences over the last few years with previous supposed internet marketing experts which had ended up with our website being heavily penalised and enquiries drying up. 

We were very sceptical about the whole industry as no one seemed to have any real world business experience or the ability to communicate in a way we could understand as non tech people, however when we received the initial website report from Mike we were extremely impressed with both the technical knowledge they obviously had and how they put this across in plain English but also how we needed to improve the site from a commercial aspect to generate higher enquiry levels. 

It has been extremely hard work for them over the last 6 months and they have gone far beyond the time we pay for each month to get the previous mess sorted out. It’s still relatively early days but with their suggestions, a brand new website that looks amazing compared to what we had before and the knowledge they have given us about what went wrong and why, we are now seeing a large increase in enquiries and are delighted to back on the right track again. 

From our perspective having a company that has offices we can visit and an attitude of problem solving and actually getting results we would wholeheartedly recommend Mike, Justin and all the staff at Artemis to anyone who is looking at trying to improve their Google rankings.”

Tracey Donegan – Supreme Clean

We always work hard for our clients which is proven by our unrivaled client retention rate.

If one of your new years resolutions is to get your web site in shape then give us a call on 01444 645018, or get a take advantage of our free consultation by clicking here.