Christmas Advertising Begins

John Lewis have begun screening their latest interpretation of the festive season and that can only mean a major influx of Christmas adverts hitting our screens in the weeks to come. Christmas is one of the most highly anticipated times of year for the majority of sales firms and retail businesses.

These companies thrive on the impending Christmas cheer and subsequently up the ante when it comes to advertising the latest products as well as the odd bit of festive decor. So what does the Christmas period mean for the internet marketing world? Well, it means a whole lot more now than it used to…


With Christmas being such an appealing subject to clients and consumers, companies will do whatever it takes to evoke the spirit of Christmas in their advertising schemes.  Online companies now utilise the Christmas atmosphere through the design, structure and content of their websites.

Usually, website backgrounds will change and include a few of the odd Christmassy images to promote the spirit of the occasion. However, some companies will completely change the design and interactive aspects of their site in an attempt to draw more customers in.

It’s also no secret that Google are providing consumers with a huge amount of information surrounding products, gifts, decorations, music and other Christmas-related searches. The number of searches that correspond with the word Christmas are likely to multiply immensely over the next few weeks.

What’s more, the use of online video websites such as YouTube allow companies to promote their Christmas products even more effectively, something John Lewis have taken full advantage of. Their “The Bear and the Hare” advertisement for this year is the latest instalment that looks to tug on our heartstrings and direct us towards their products.

Ultimately, the concept is purchasing a Christmas gift for a friend, something we either see or hear in almost every Christmas advertisement. Therefore, it really does come down to how much emphasis you put on the concept of the festive period and proves that advertising products during Christmas time can get a huge lift from the utilisation of social media.