Christmas search traffic

It’s the festive season and that means gifts and guzzling galore, with a well deserved few days respite from the working week. But does Google sleep? Of course not. The big G is busy entertaining queries from across the globe every second of every day and Christmas time is no exception. But what are people searching for at Christmas? Here is a list of the most popular searched Christmas related terms, straight form Google:

1. Christmas Tree
2. Christmas Lyrics
3. Merry Christmas
4. Christmas Songs
5. Christmas Lights
6. Christmas Ideas
7. Christmas Gifts
8. Christmas Cards
9. Christmas Song
10. Christmas Music

So what does this tell us? Not an awful lot, other than that people really like Christmas songs at Christmas time, but it’s just a bit of fun!

Another interesting Christmas search stat can be seen in the following diagram which shows where Christmas search term traffic is coming from across the globe. No surprise to see that the US and UK appear to be doing most of it, whilst the likes of Russia and China seem far less interested. But one country with a higher volume of Christmas search traffic than you might expect is Mongolia and why that may be I have absolutely no idea. If you have a theory, why not post it in the comments?

In the mean time, from everyone here at Artemis, have a very Merry Christmas and we wish you all the best for a happy and prosperous new year. Of course if you really want to prosper in 2013, you’ll want to ensure your business is reaching as many people as possible and if there’s a better way to do it than top rankings in Google, I’ve yet to see it! If you’d like to start the new year with a bang and a whole lot of new business get in touch with us at Artemis Internet Marketing and let’s have a chat about leading edge SEO to see your business take off in 2013!