Content writing: Getting what you pay for

One of the crucial parts of any SEO campaign is getting good content up on your site and good quality guest posts written for other blogs so that you get the best selection of links for your site. Only those offering the best content which will actually benefit the readers of the host blogs will get the prime spots, with anyone producing lacklustre articles being left with irrelevant blogs which will ultimately lead to penalties when Google finds out.

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Many people looking into finding an SEO content writer can be swayed by the promises of some SEO companies that they will provide you with 1,000 articles for £50. However, you can almost guarantee that every single one of the 1,000 links they offer will be part of a poorly written article, either in broken English or spun content which ends up making little sense. This, of course, is spam, and most of these links will end up on poor websites, making your website part of their spam network which will lead to severe penalties.

If you want a sustainable SEO strategy, you need to do it properly. As everyone in the industry knows, quality content is the best way to work your way to the top. It doesn’t come easily, and most people don’t have the time to write lots of guest posts to send out to collect links for their site. That’s where Artemis comes in. We have in-house content writers who produce all the articles for blogs and SEO-friendly content for your site, and it’s all tailored to the specific client after research has been conducted to make it all accurate and desirable for the best blogs.

Think of it as a transaction. A good quality article is worth more than a badly written, spun article. You can exchange your good article for a spot on a better blog, with the spammy articles only being worth enough for a position on a spammy blog. Of course, the better quality links come from the better quality blogs, meaning you need better quality articles. It will cost you more for these good links, but ultimately it is infinitely better for your site, and it is proof that you really do get what you pay for.