Cookies and Websites

What are cookies? As this is an internet marketing and technology blog, I’m not about to start talking about recipes or comparing biscuits. An internet cookie is a trace of information which the site you are visiting will gather and use for a number of purposes. On large commercial sites they use them to track an order or a client’s history. In many other cases, cookies are used for analytics and information purposes most commonly used to improve a website as well as for data analysis. New changes in the law, new from 2011 but have come in to force as from May 2012 require that websites inform visitors when sites are gathering this information, you may notice more and more sites with a little warning about their cookies. One concern is whether this may put people off when visiting a site as many end users may/ are not familiar with what cookies are (other than the edible type) and when confronted with this warning on a site; they may see it as a negative warning and end up going to another site which is not compliant yet gathering the same information. All this shall remain to be seen, in addition to this, it will be interesting to see how this will be policed and monitored, considering that this law was passed in 2011, however, it is only as from May 2012 that it is enforceable but not many sites seem to be mentioning it yet.

If you would like further clarification about this new EU directive/ Law please feel free to contact us as this can affect your site, Artemis Internet Marketing  have been established for many years providing all aspects of internet marketing in Surrey and throughout the south of England, we also specialise in support and all other aspects related to web marketing.