Desktop Searching At An All-Time High

It has just been announced that desktop searching hit an all-time high in March this year, amid a deluge of reports alleging that mobile search is the way forward and that desktop searching is becoming a less attractive option in 2013. Well, statistics seem to suggest otherwise.

Desktop searching actually increased 11 per cent from February’s figures last month to just shy of 20.4 billion searches taking place throughout March, breaking the previous desktop search record set in January at 19.5 billion.

So what does this mean for your internet marketing campaigns? Essentially, it means that you certainly don’t need to be giving up on your desktop customers yet. Of course, be aware of the rise of mobile searching, but don’t let it take over your online marketing.

Desktop searching is on the increase

Google is still dominating the search market, with nearly seven out of ten people opting to Google their terms rather than heading to Bing, Yahoo, Ask or any of the other search engines. This might suggest that we can hold fire on any panic over losing our computer-based searches or having to adapt to a different search engine.

While Artemis can help you with lots of things, what we do best is helping you come up with a good online marketing strategy, and we have years of experience with Google. Why not take advantage of this all-time high for desktop searching and find out how we can help you get your internet marketing in order?