Google Carrying Out Global Search Encryption – Bad News for China

China’s strict attention to detail when it comes to censorship of the internet has been tested recently by the news that Google have begun a routine encryption scheme of web searches in the country.

At this point in time Chinese authorities can track and regulate what people are able to see online thanks to their national firewall. Google has made it clear in recent months that they are determined to overthrow government surveillance techniques all over the world if possible.

There are some countries that give agencies, police and even hackers the opportunity to access e-mails, search results and online discussion when this type of content is left unprotected. Google are hoping to encrypt search results in China to prevent the Chinese government from monitoring search queries in the country.

China isn’t the only country capable of this type of online censorship, with Vietnam and Saudi Arabia also censoring the internet on a global scale. China does have the option of blocking Google’s services entirely, although this could have a dramatic effect on their ability to filter search terms.

The entire encryption scheme was supported by various online companies, including Google, in response to the Edward Snowden case and revelations surrounding government surveillance of the internet. Tensions are expected to increase between American-based Google and the Chinese government should the search engine go ahead with its encryption scheme.However, many analysts who monitor China’s great firewall regularly have encouraged other companies to follow in Google’s footsteps.

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