Google Doubles Down on AI with New Search Innovations

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The annual Google I/O developer conference always brings exciting updates from the search engine giant. However, the recent 2024 conference was particularly noteworthy for the distinct artificial intelligence (AI) driven search enhancements announced.

As an award-winning and AI-adept SEO and digital marketing agency, we at Artemis have regularly been keeping abreast of all emerging AI trends that impact the world of search (of which, there have been a few). It’s no secret that we as SEO specialists are keen to stay ahead of these emerging trends that will shape the future of search and innovate how we deliver tangible, winning results for our broad range of clients across sectors, many of whom are already seeing their fair share of AI innovation.

AI Overview Adjustments

One of the biggest talking points post-Google I/O 2024 was the upcoming ability to personalise Google’s AI Overview results. Users will be able to ‘simplify’ the language to make a complex search query response easier to understand or opt for a “break it down” option that allows them to dive deeper into detail on complex topics.

For example, when searching for something like “explain the difference between tungsten and led,” with the new AI overview updates, you’ll be given the chance to view the ‘original’ response and select either the ‘simpler’ or ‘break it down’ options. The original response will be delivered as standard featured snippets and information results do in SERPs, whereas the ‘simpler’ result will feature a genAI-led answer that makes the distinction between tungsten and LED lights much clearer, and the ‘break it down’ view will allow users to explore the types of lights in intricate, technical detail.

This tailored flexibility allows Google to better meet the needs of a wide range of query intents and user expertise levels.

Multi-Step Reasoning

Tackling multi-part search queries has also been streamlined, with Google’s new multi-step reasoning allowing users to input full nuanced questions without having to break them down into separate searches.

For example, if you need to find a local estate agent office that’s highly rated, popular, conveniently located, and open at the time of your search, Google will comprehensively answer the full query.

Simplified Planning

The AI innovations extend beyond just enhanced semantic understanding of search queries though.

New planning and trip tools – powered by AI – aim to provide full start-to-finish solutions for items like creating meal plans, planning holidays, and organising parties or events. The AI will generate customisable step-by-step plans that can be exported to integrate with other Google services like Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets, etc.

SERP Reorganisation

Google is even using AI to reorganise the classic “10 blue links” SERP into more visually organised sections categorised by topic, content type, perspectives and more. Initially launching for areas like dining, films, music, hospitality and shopping, this modern innovation will keep search results fresh and engaging, and, most of all, easier to categorise.

Lens Video Search

Google is also testing “Lens search with video,” which will, upon launch, allow users to record a video, and ask questions while recording said video, while Google will respond and answer. This will launch as a Google Search Labs feature later this year, as will the above forthcoming updates.

While most of these AI-powered search updates are still in development and testing for US users initially, they demonstrate Google’s accelerating investment in AI to transform search from just retrieving websites to solving queries in full.

Navigating Evolving AI Trends With Smart SEO

At Artemis, we pride ourselves on taking an innovative, cutting-edge, and bespoke approach to SEO tailored to each client’s unique needs. As AI continues to disrupt traditional search, our forward-thinking SEO experts are always going to be ready to advise on how we and our clients can align with and capitalise on these new AI capabilities. We are certainly no strangers to Google moving the goalposts, as it were, and we firmly believe we’re in a position where AI has proven a helpful asset and tool, rather than a threat as many believe it is.

If you want to find out some of the positive SEO results that we have achieved for our clients by ethically and considerately leveraging AI, then please get in touch. We believe we could do the same for you, whatever your sector and specialism.