Google Instant Preview

Well we should all be used to seeing changes in the way Google presents search results. Last month we saw the new layout which includes ‘Google Places’ results within the actual organic search results and now we see Google Instant Preview added to the page.

What is Google Instant Preview?

Well it does what it says on the tin. You now have a magnifying glass by the results and if you click on it you will see a preview window of the websites on the results page (see example below)

More importantly what impact will it have on YOU?

Have you been putting off that website re-design? Well NOW is the time to get it done. With searchers now able to view thumbnail previews of a website they will be able to take into account the design of a website as well as the search results before they click on a link.

If your website is old fashioned or badly designed it may now have a major effect on how many visitors you receive, regardless of your position on the page.

Artemis has always advised its clients that SEO is just one element of Internet marketing and we are seeing this proved even more these days. Not only do you need good rankings, you need a ‘local search’ strategy and a well designed website.

Online marketing is about addressing many different factors in order to increase and then maintain a higher number of ‘targeted’ visitors and the optimum visitor to lead ratio (conversions).

If you have a business online or rely on the search engines such as Google to generate traffic then you need to be updating your Internet marketing strategies quickly. If you don’t your competitors surely will be.

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