Google now using both site name and URL in search result

One of the latest developments regarding Google’s searching interface was the introduction of the website title placed beneath the search result instead of the usual URL. Google have gone a step further this month by reintroducing the URL alongside the newly-added site title.

Artemis LinkedIn Search Result

There is no denying that many people will find the complicated structure of some URL’s confusing, which is often why people turn to search engines to find what they need rather than heading for the search bar at the top of the page. However, URL’s can prove to be far more informative than people think.

When Google started using the title of a website above the search result on it’s own, they realised that consumers of the search engine wouldn’t be provided with the specific origin of the page, so someone searching for Artemis Internet Marketing won’t know if it’s the homepage they’re being connected to or a certain link on the site.

The reaction to URL’s being abolished by Google lead to mixed reviews, with some accepting that URL’s offered little information to the average internet consumer, whilst others accused Google of taking away the freedom of search with the origin of the site now being absent.

Let’s hope Google have managed to keep search engine users happy for the time being with this latest update for their interface.