Google Obtain Patent for Using TV Shows to Influence Search Results

There are a number of different ways Google manages search results so that they rank in accordance with what we want to see, such as examining the trails we leave on the web, finding our geographic location and looking through our search history. There could now be a further addition to these examples, with what we watch on TV set to become a new factor in Google’s search ranking methods.


It was revealed earlier this week that Google had been given a patent that referred to the concept of using our TV’s to manipulate search results. This would incorporate making a judgement on what we were watching at that specific time on TV prior to providing search results. This major influential development was given further detail in the following patent:

‘A computer implemented method for using search queries related to television programs. A server receives a user’s search query from an electronic device. The server then determines, in accordance with the search query and television program related information for television programs available at a location associated with the electronic device during a specific time window, a television program currently being displayed in proximity to the electronic device, wherein the television program related information includes program descriptions for a plurality of television programs being broadcast for the associated location’.

So let’s say we’re watching a show about something related to World Number 1 Golfer Rory McIlroy and we decide to find out about the latest occurrences in Golf’s Ryder Cup.  Google would use a server to identify the location of the program through the electronic device making the search and subsequently provide information that has something to do with both the programme and the search query, so in this case we’re likely to be greeted with search results stating something along the lines of “Rory McIlroy leading the European Ryder Cup charge after the first round”.

What you should probably know is that Google already use this form of search technology with Google Now, so it’s not something they’ve only just started to get to grips with. In addition, there’s no guaranteeing Google will decide to use TV’s as a means of specifying search results just because they’ve acquired a patent.

If you’re curious to know about Google Now, it’s basically Google’s personal intelligence assistant that provides information about TV series and upcoming shows through the use of a TV Card. Whilst it’s available to try it now, it’s fair to say this latest development in Google’s search ranking techniques could have a significant effect on how we use online search in future.

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