Google release latest page layout algorithm to target "Top Heavy" web pages

Matt Cutts recently announced that Google had prepared an update for their latest Page Layout Algorithm that would see web pages with multiple or too many advertisements downgraded from their usual position on the search page, the latest “Top Heavy” algorithm update.

Google logo

Multiple advertisements above a search result have been criticised in the past as being too distracting for users looking elsewhere on the search page. Google have acted upon this by creating a top heavy algorithm that pushes web pages that are overflowing with ads down the page.

The majority of users have stressed their concerns with the number of advertisements found on a search page all too often in the past and this has forced Google’s hand.

Many users have to delve through the search results to find exactly what they’re after, something that has proven to frustrate and make the entire search process a negative experience. The latest page layout algorithm has been active since February 6th and is an attempt to punish web pages that have tried to be too greedy with ads in the past.

However, this is the third Top Heavy refreshment we’ve seen since January 2012 so Google are clearly trying to knuckle down on pages that have a distinct lack of viewable content and an abundance of unhelpful advertisements instead.

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