Google release their Valentine’s Day doodle

Google are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a doodle that lets you send a box of chocolate to someone else online using a specified URL.


It’s the same letter replacement technique that Google usually go for, with half of the letters replaced by an interactive image of a box of chocolates. Upon clicking on the chocolates you get to create your own chocolates to send to a loved one or possibly another person in the office!

The selections of toppings vary, offering you the chance to go for something healthy with strawberries or a complete sugar rush with sprinkles, fudge and gummie bears.

However, there’s a little twist in the doodle as well with extra toppings that include salt and even ants if you’re not an avid celebrator of Valentine’s Day.

Once you’ve completed your selection of chocolates you can send it over to someone else via email using the provided URL. It’s a nifty little way to get your Valentine’s message over to someone with ease using the latest technology.

In the past few weeks Google have taken full advantage of some of the most significant dates across the world, from Chinese New Year through to the opening of the Winter Olympics.

This unique form of advertising is what continues to set Google apart from its rivals and could well contribute to their success even more in the future with technology growing over the years.

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