Google’s #1 spot gets 33% of traffic

The advantages of being at the top of Google’s results for your chosen keywords are widely known, but did you know that, according to research by online ad network Chitika, if you manage to clinch the top spot you will be getting a third of all the traffic?

If you can make sure your website is the first people see when they perform a search, you will reap the benefits in terms of traffic. This is because the higher up the rankings you are, the more people will trust you.

Gold medal for first place in Google rankings

However, all is not lost if you find yourself floating in second position. Here, you will snag almost a fifth of traffic at 18%. If people aren’t interested in the first result, yours will be next on the list. Drop to third and it’s 11%. Drop to the bottom of the first page and expect around 2% of the share.

This proves just how vital it is to get a good SEO campaign behind your website. Do you really want to be missing out on a third of the traffic? Your traffic almost halves just by dropping into second place, and reduces by 66% if you end up third in the rankings.

The first page attracts more than 90% of the traffic, with this figure dropping to less than 5% for the second page, so the idea is simple: the higher you rank, the better. To do this, you’ll need a good SEO company to help you use tried and tested tactics to build links and help drive traffic to your site, and Artemis is the perfect company to help you do this.