Google’s privacy terms in question?

Google have updated their terms of service this month with a new addition that lets the company use profile images of current users in their products and advertising schemes. The update was revealed last month yet it has only just come into effect. The question is, are we happy with Google using personal information to advertise their products?


Whilst you do have the option of having yourself appear in any of the advertisements they now produce, you won’t be able to control their decision to use your profile anywhere else, such as in Google products. Google have claimed that the idea stems from improving the information provided to “friends and connections”. Google added that having a profile name that you recognise appear on a search you make can significantly help the sharing process.

Google have stressed that this latest update to their terms of service can only be witnessed by people you have chosen to share information with. They emphasised the fact that the update wouldn’t change the way you shared content in the past and certainly won’t affect your privacy with regards to who you share content with. Despite this, Google were informed to check that this particular update didn’t violate their terms of service.

Many Google users have stressed their concern with regards to their privacy, whilst some have compared it to how Facebook and other social media websites operate with regards to a lack of personal privacy.

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