Has Google+ become essential for a successful SEO strategy?

It seems that more brands are turning to Google+ in an attempt to boost their success with search results. A report from the New York Times looked to pinpoint how two major brands, Starbucks and The Economist, were making the most of the search features associated with Google+ to improve their SEO strategy.


The New York Times also explained in their report that Google+ was being used by Starbucks to place better in search and they were in fact using information provided by representatives of Google to make the most of their Google+ account.

The New York Times also stated that there were brands out there who were taking to Google+’s attractive propositions should they set up an account. These included having “prime placement on the right-hand side of the search results, with photos and promotional posts”.

One of the obvious benefits of using Google+ as a means of improving SEO strategy is that any page you post on Google+ will show up as a search result. The senior director of audience at The Economy, Chandra Magee, emphasised the fact that his brand would be looking to use Google+ to “get in front of new audiences”.

It seems that Google+ has all the features a business needs to improve their SEO strategy and ultimately have a positive impact with regards to search results. If this is the case, can any business afford to be left behind?

Businesses can no longer afford to ignore the benefits of Google+ and this sudden exploitation from The Economist and Starbucks could result in a flurry of other brands jumping on the bandwagon.

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