How can brand ambassadors help your social media campaign?

An effective social media campaign is essential for your business to excel and this is why social media has become such an important aspect of any online business. As 2014 draws near, predictions are leaning towards more expensive social media campaigns next year and these detailed campaigns have already started appearing today.



You can no longer rely on the number of Twitter followers you have or the amount of Facebook contacts you’ve accumulated. However, by identifying a brand ambassador, you open new doors to social media success. Ambassadors can be the answer to your prayers if you’re looking for an expansive social media campaign, so what’s the process of obtaining effective social media ambassadors?

You may well have multiple followers and your progression with social media may well be better than it’s ever been but the truth is it takes more than just facts and figures to win a potential client over. The quality of your campaign is much more important than assembling an army of contacts, especially as only a small minority of your followers will be important enough to maintain a strong campaign with. The trick is to locate a brand ambassador in all the social media contacts you have. This can be achieved in a number of ways.

You need to appeal to ambassadors enough so that they start discussing your business with their own valuable followers. To find an ambassador, simply navigate your way through Twitter or Facebook and find someone who is promoting businesses similar to yours. Check their followers and monitor their social activity. What are their influences? Are their followers interested in some of the things you provide?

Once you’ve got an ambassador, you should continue to monitor their communication with social groups to see how they could potentially distribute the information you have to offer. Maybe you could start by offering them early access to big news regarding your business.

Don’t forget that you can actually have multiple ambassadors at any given time which can really help you identify the right audience with more efficiency. Hopefully, a strong relationship with brand ambassadors can give you a strong base to work from and see your sales benefit in the process.

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