How can search marketers benefit from the World Cup?

We recently reached a significant milestone in our countdown towards the World Cup in Brazil, with just under 100 days left to wait. The World Cup has always had a huge economic impact throughout history.


Thanks to its immense popularity on a global scale, it’s no surprise to learn that search marketers could also benefit from the upcoming football tournament this summer.

Consider the highly successful TV adverts released by Nike in the past that matched the intensity, excitement and passion for the beautiful game. We witnessed television sales go through the roof, let alone Nike products. So how can search marketers benefit from the 2014 World Cup?

It’s important to try and get an idea of how the apparel related to the World Cup will turn out. Think about how search becomes fixated on a certain event such as a celebrating manager, a stunning free-kick or possibly even a head butt.

If you can plan ahead and get blog posts and advertisements prepared for these kinds of incidents, you’re already one step ahead. As the tournament continues the tension will continue to build, so you are sure to have a plethora of world cup-related events to choose from.

It also helps to think outside the box, especially when you’re a company that struggles to relate to large scale events, whether it’s the World Cup or Glastonbury Festival. For example, search results relating to cooking and recipes rose sharply before this year’s Super Bowl in the USA.

The World Cup appeals to such a wide audience so targeting a specific age group or gender is likely to have little to no effect. On the other hand, making the most of the latest devices could swing the odds in your favour.

Thinking up new marketing strategies that work with smartphones and tablets is essential as this is seen as the default form of technology in today’s world. Take advantage of social media throughout the tournament and try to keep regularly up-to-date with the action so as not to miss out on some excellent marketing opportunities.

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