How much does SEO cost

SEO, Investment or Expense?

The most common misconception, SEO is a cost, NO IT ISN’T – Correctly done, SEO is no more of a cost than opening a shop and making sure you have a door that opens so the public can come in and browse at your products and buy! It is no more of a cost than investing in having a till. Statistics prove that the lower your site is down a search engine’s page, the less likely it is people will find you, so much so, that there are enormous percentage differences in hits even on the first page of Google, if your site is not in the top three then your chances of receiving a visitor diminish drastically line by line. Can you afford to miss out on that potential buyer?

Your best friend

SEO will make your website work harder for you, at the end of the day that is what it is designed to do and what you want it to do. Your website is the perfect employee, however, just like any employee; it does need some TLC which comes in the form of SEO. Take a moment to think about this, your website doesn’t take time off for holidays, works 24/7 and serves the entire world, is capable of answering questions from thousands of people at the same time, it’s your top performing sales-person, a caring customer services department, a secretary and a lead generator, all at once!

SEO as an Intrinsically Interlinked Method for generating Business

SEO is crucial for attracting new and potential clients as well as for brand and/or product awareness to new and existing prospects, its powerful effect can also transform prospects into buyers.

Under the SEO umbrella there are numerous branches which could be considered more along the lines of SEM. These have been the buzz word for a number of years now, yes, Social Media. Social media such as Facebook, My Space, Twitter and Pinterest will certainly aid your SEO efforts in brand and product awareness as a number of these methods are intrinsically linked to each other.

The Impact of SEO

In terms of comparison, SEO is the most cost effective online way of generating new business. SEO will increase your number of sales; however, your marketing cost increase will be lower in relation to the increase in profit.