Link Popularity

Remember when you were at school and every class seemed to have one really popular kid everybody wanted to be friends with? Search engines act in a bit of a similar way in which they too want to be friends with the most popular sites. Their friendship is rewarded by better ranking on searches. How do they determine popularity? One of the ways they do this amongst others is by link popularity, just like the popular kid at school who had all these friends which in turn attracted more friends, search engines are interested in sites with plenty of good quality inbound links from other sites, after all, if so many other sites want to be friends with your site, you must be a very popular person and your content must be good.
There are a few ways of attracting more inbound links and this is by submitting articles with links pointing back to your site, this will not only show a link pointing back to you but also encourage people to click on your link and view your site.
Article writing as well as blogging is a skill which does not necessarily come naturally to everyone, it is time-consuming and repetitive. We at Artemis Internet Marketing have writers dedicated to article, content and blogging, they do this on a daily basis for the wide range of companies we do SEO for. As a one of a number of SEO companies in Surrey, we offer our writing services to a wide spectrum of companies who have benefited from an increase in inbound links leading to higher ranking on search engines.