Making the most of Google Trends

At the moment it seems that many online businesses are playing it safe and trying to establish themselves in their local area. Google Trends is an excellent tool that can be used to discover exactly where your preferred search phrase is ranking as well as whether it’s on the decline or a good choice for your business. People may use Google Trends regularly to discover bits of information that will benefit their SEO but in truth people still aren’t using it to its fullest potential. Google Trends does so much more than simply track keyword popularity, so what else can you get from Google Trends?


The majority of online businesses will have mastered local SEO by now and are fully aware of the ideal search criteria for their SEO to be a success. However, on a national level, they have absolutely no idea how to rank effectively. The great thing about Google Trends is that it offers regional information regarding search phrases and how they rank. Ideally, businesses should work on a variety of different local campaigns if they want to take the step up.

So if you want to rank nationally, it’s important that you have an idea of how your business is ranking with the current search phrases you are using. You can use Google Trends to see if your current search phrase is the right one to use. If it is, your online business will show a rise in ranking over a set period of time. If it isn’t your search phrase will decline and this could cost you in the long term. It’s the perfect way to decide when your search phrase needs to be updated.

Now comes the best part. You can take the information from Google Trends to see where your particular search phrase is at its most popular. This gives you the foothold you need to start ranking nationally as you won’t need to focus solely on local SEO anymore. So, instead of focusing so much on your surrounding areas, have a look at the areas that match your search criteria and this could really bring the best your of your SEO.

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