Off Site SEO

No wonder there have been so many books written about SEO! There are so many different things to take into account; it is not a precise science in which there is a specific formula to produce results. There are intrinsic influential factors, one has an effect on the other and so on and so forth.  As someone who sits behind a computer for hours on ends writing, one of my favourite aspects of SEO is article, blog and content writing.
Article and blog writing is an off-site SEO technique which perhaps is not quite as simple as people think it is as it takes time and skill to do this. Whilst many people think that it is a two minute job, in reality, if it is to be done properly, it is time-consuming and a real skill which quite often is overlooked.
We at Artemis Internet Marketing have article writers, blog, writers as well as content writers for websites. Before any of our writers are let loose to write about anything, we ensure that they get a feel for the business they are writing about as well as an understanding of what that business is all about, it is important for a writer to be able to pass all this on to a reader as well as of course making sure that they at the same time are providing correct information. As one of the leading SEO companies in Surrey as well as many other locations throughout the south of England, we are proud to offer excellent and compelling articles for our clients!