Panda Is Back For The Weekend

Webmasters all over the world, whether they feel they’ve done something borderline or not with their websites, will be holding their breath a little as Google’s Panda algorithm is making a comeback this weekend.

Comments made by Matt Cutts, who heads the webspam team at Google, suggested that this Friday (15th of March) the Panda algorithm will begin rolling out.

It’s not totally clear as to whether it’s simply a data refresh or a full-on update, so the severity and impact of Panda this time round will become clear after the weekend.


A further comment by Cutts this week also hinted at the fact that Panda will now become part of the regular algorithm, meaning that websites affected by Panda will no longer need to wait many weeks for that particular algorithm to run again. This is good news overall.

However, what he gives with one had he tends to take with the other. Matt Cutts happened to also mention that a rather “vicious” form of the Penguin algorithm is set to hit very soon and it’s likely to have a major impact on search results.

It’s a time to hold on tight and remember that having a quality website with a clean backlink profile is the most important thing ever in order to sail through these updates.

I’ll report back next week when details start to emerge from the latest Panda update.

Good luck everyone!