Penguin 2.0 Update Has Arrived

We’ve been eagerly waiting for the latest iteration of Penguin to strike and Matt Cutts blogged last night that Penguin 2.0 started rolling out on 22 May.

We’ve been checking our clients’ websites and we are delighted to see that most clients have actually seen an improvement in rankings whilst the others have been unaffected.

This is a reflection of the care we take when working on client websites. We don’t use any blackhat techniques and continuously focus on quality over quantity when building links.

If you are wondering what the Penguin algorithm is all about, it’s a specific algorithm that targets websites which appear to be using some form of blackhat optimisation. Blackhat refers to techniques which contravene Google’s webmaster guidelines.

We’ll continue to monitor over the coming days the full impact of this update but already we’re seeing some “strange” results in a few niches.

I’ll report back shortly with our roundup of the impact.

Hope your website has survived this update 🙂

If you want to know more about other updates happening this year then watch this video: